Veritas Optional Depth Stop for Small Router Plane
Veritas Optional Depth Stop for Small Router Plane
This optional stainless-steel depth stop is for use with the Veritas Small Router Plane. To limit cutting depth to a preset maximum, the stop clamps onto the blade shaft. Made in Canada.
£7.95 inc VAT
Veritas Low-Angle Block PlaneVeritas Low-Angle Block Plane
Veritas Low-Angle Block Plane
Veritas have made a block plane that uses a "Norris" style combined sideways (lateral) and up and down adjustment which gives you greater control when adjusting its impressive 1/8" thick by 1 5/8" wide PM-V11. This plane also overcomes one of the drawbacks of other block planes in having higher side wings (ideal for shooting) with multiple finger grips in each side. The combination...
£198.00 inc VAT

Veritas Miniature Bench PlaneVeritas Miniature Bench Plane
Veritas Miniature Bench Plane
This 1/3 scale version of the Veritas small bevel-up smooth plane is only 3½" long and 13/16" wide. Fully functional, it has a 5/8" wide A2 blade (0.06" thick) with a 25° bevel angle that, together with the 13° bed angle, provides an effective cutting angle of 38°. The stainless-steel Norris-style adjuster lets you set the blade with precision. The body is made from investment-cast stainless...
£59.75 inc VAT
Veritas Inlay Cutter Head for Router PlaneVeritas Inlay Cutter Head for Router Plane
Veritas Inlay Cutter Head for Router Plane
This simple attachment for a lets you score a shallow groove to accept inlaid purfling, banding or stringing, taking advantage of the plane’s fence and depth-adjustment mechanism to precisely control groove position and depth. The cutter head holds a pair of included single-bevel slicing blades that score crisply defined groove outlines across, with or diagonal to the grain. By using a chisel...
£62.50 inc VAT

Veritas Plane ScrewdriverVeritas Plane Screwdriver
Veritas Plane Screwdriver
A regular screwdriver just doesn't work well on cap iron screws. A narrow blade can mar the cap-screw slot, and there's always the risk that the screwdriver tip will slip out of the slot altogether. Veritas have designed this screwdriver to make it both safe and easy to remove, replace or adjust cap irons. It has a turned brass collar surrounding the tip to capture the head of a cap iron screw...


£32.50 inc VAT
Veritas Apron Plane + PM-V11 Blade
Veritas Apron Plane + PM-V11 Blade
This small, low-angle block plane from Veritas is the answer to a trim carpenter's prayers. At only 14oz it is half the weight of a standard block plane, a significant factor if you want to carry it with you all day. The 5½" long, tough ductile cast iron body will take job-site accidents in stride. This is not a plane body that will break when dropped. It has good hand feel; the unique side...
£138.00 inc VAT

Veritas Low-Angle Jack PlaneVeritas Low-Angle Jack Plane
Veritas Low-Angle Jack Plane
The Veritas® low-angle jack plane is an exceptionally versatile plane. It excels at end grain work, is great for shooting, and also works well for smoothing. With the optional high-angle blade, it is also the answer for working difficult grain, making it a well-rounded workhorse. Veritas have designated it as a 62½ because of its generous size, heavier weight, low center of gravity and radically...
£335.00 inc VAT
Veritas Bevel-Up Jointer Plane
Veritas Bevel-Up Jointer Plane
The Veritas low-angle jointer is the largest member of the Veritas bevel-up bench plane family. At 22" x 2.7/8" and weighing 7½lb, it is the answer for jointing edges and flattening large panels. The bevel-up blade configuration results in a plane that is versatile and straightforward to use. The 12° bed angle, coupled with the 25° blade bevel, creates an effective cutting angle of 37°. Simply...
£358.00 inc VAT

Veritas No.112 Style Scraping PlaneVeritas No.112 Style Scraping Plane
Veritas No.112 Style Scraping Plane
The Veritas® scraping plane is the ideal tool for final smoothing, especially when you have to deal with highly figured wood or reversing grain. With a well-sharpened blade and light cuts you can achieve excellent results on any wood. Tear-out is virtually eliminated with the cutting action of the included scraping blade. The adjustable frog enables blade angles from 0° to 25°, providing fine...
£257.00 inc VAT
Veritas Large Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 BladeVeritas Large Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade
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Veritas Large Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade
The Veritas® large shoulder plane (a specialized rabbet plane) is the latest and largest in our line of shoulder planes. Its size and mass make it perfect for trimming breadboard tenons, adjusting shoulders, or even paring down tenon cheeks. At 8¼" long, 1¼" wide and weighing 3¾ lb, it brings both authority and precision to larger work. The ductile cast iron body is accurately machined and ground...
£280.00 inc VAT

Veritas No.80 Style Cabinet ScraperVeritas No.80 Style Cabinet Scraper
Veritas No.80 Style Cabinet Scraper
This cabinet scraper is a very useful and versatile tool. Used in place of a much heavier belt sander, it can clean a dirty workbench top, remove dried glue and smooth a panel or tricky grain table top efficiently, leaving behind a surface free of tear-out, digs or gouges. Veritas have designed this tool with several improvements over what is usually known as the No.80 cabinet scraper. To allow...
£102.00 inc VAT
Veritas No 1 Bevel Up Plane PMV11 BladeVeritas No 1 Bevel Up Plane PMV11 Blade
Veritas No 1 Bevel Up Plane PMV11 Blade
This Veritas bevel-up version of a No.1 bench plane has a sole measuring only 45mm wide and 148mm long. Size wise very similar to a block plane and like a block plane, light enough to use single-handed. This is a super bench plane for small-scale work. It features a Norris-type adjuster for easy, accurate blade setting, and guide screws to center and fix the blade. The adjustable mouth can be closed...
£256.00 inc VAT

Veritas Miniature Bevel-Up Jack PlaneVeritas Miniature Bevel-Up Jack Plane
Veritas Miniature Bevel-Up Jack Plane
This fully functional 1:3-scale version of Veritas' low-angle jack plane is the latest in their line of miniature tools. At 5" long and almost 1" wide, it weighs just over 4 oz, a useful size for fine trimming work. It has a 3/4" wide A2 blade with a 25° bevel angle and a 13° bed angle. The stainless-steel Norris-style adjuster lets you set the blade with precision. The body is made from investment-cast...
£78.50 inc VAT
Veritas Small Scraping Plane
Veritas Small Scraping Plane
The Veritas Small Scraping Plane is a great tool for the final smoothing of small, flat surfaces, even highly figured timber, or small areas of difficult grain within a larger surface. The scraping plane comes into action after the surface has been prepared as well as possible using a finely tuned smoothing plane. What the scraping plane does is to replace the need for sanding prior to applying...
£127.50 inc VAT

Veritas Medium Router PlaneVeritas Medium Router Plane
Veritas Medium Router Plane
Slightly larger than the Veritas small router plane, this tool has the advantage of using the same blades as our full-size router plane. For general use, the blade may be positioned inboard with the sole encircling it for maximum registration on the workpiece, even when approaching from the side or working an edge. This allows it to bridge recesses, providing great stability even on narrow stock....
from £126.00 inc VAT
Veritas Miniature Edge Plane
Veritas Miniature Edge Plane
A 1/3-scale version of the current Veritas iron edge plane, which is the third-generation design of a model they first produced in 1986, this is a fully functional miniature. Useful for fine trimming work on thin stock up to 3/8" thick, such as with small-scale boxes or maquettes, it fits the hand well, making it easy to control under fingertip pressure. The 2-3/8" long body and lever cap are...
£42.95 inc VAT

Veritas Scraper Shave
Veritas Scraper Shave
The Veritas Scraper Shave is a versatile small scraper suitable for small-scale work, fine detailing, or any application where a normal scraping plane would be too large. The design of the tool allows a controlled scraping action that effectively smoothes the workpiece. Can be used as a companion tool with the chair devils for smoothing of non-round chair parts such as crest rails, arm bows and...
£80.25 inc VAT
Veritas Box-Maker's Plough PlaneVeritas Box-Maker's Plough Plane
Veritas Box-Maker's Plough Plane
This tool has been missing for a very long time. It is based upon the Record 043 Plough Plane which was produced during the heydays of British manufacturing. An ideal tool for making grooves in boxes and small drawers, this compact plough plane excels at precise grooving and beading applications on small workpieces. 5 1/2" (140mm) long cast-iron body and weighing just 1 lb 7 oz (650 grams),...
£152.00 inc VAT

Veritas Miniature Low Angle Block Plane
Veritas Miniature Low Angle Block Plane
This version of the Veritas low-angle block plane is about a third the size of the original. At just under 2½" long and ¾" wide, it is a useful size for small-scale work or where a larger plane would be difficult to use. The low 12° bed angle combined with the 25° blade bevel gives it a cutting angle of 37°, making it also suitable for end-grain use. The stainless-steel Norris-style adjuster...
£54.25 inc VAT
Veritas Combination Plane
Veritas Combination Plane
Originally created to replace stacks of hollow and round wooden planes, combination planes are defined by their flexibility. The Veritas® Combination Plane is no exception; only this one is designed with better adjustment and feed mechanisms for easy and accurate blade setting, and incorporates features to prevent blade vibration, making it reliable in use. It will tackle fundamental joinery,...
£527.68 inc VAT

Veritas Bullnose Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade
Veritas Bullnose Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade
The Veritas® bullnose shoulder plane, perfect for cleaning up machine-cut joints, will be one of the most useful hand joinery tools you'll ever own. Designed for maximum versatility, it performs as either a bullnose or a chisel plane as required. Simply loosen the brass toe-locking knob to remove the toe piece for chisel plane configuration, and you can work right up to a blind corner. An adjustable...
£216.00 inc VAT
Veritas Miniature Shoulder Plane
Veritas Miniature Shoulder Plane
Weighing a mere 1.7 oz and measuring 2-1/2" long by 1/4" wide, this miniature version of the Veritas medium shoulder plane was developed out of a desire to test the limitations of their materials, design, and manufacturing processes (not to mention the patience of their engineers!). Despite its diminutive size, it is fully functional and remarkably effective for fine trimming or cleaning the bottoms...
£54.25 inc VAT

Optional Depth Stop for Veritas Skew Block PlaneOptional Depth Stop for Veritas Skew Block Plane
Optional Depth Stop for Veritas Skew Block Plane
For use with the skew block plane, this depth stop lets you finish cuts at a precise depth. The cast zinc-aluminum alloy arm is held in place by the front knob. The steel shoe is adjustable from flush to a maximum depth of 5/8" and has relieved edges to avoid marking your work. Made in Canada.
£19.50 inc VAT
Veritas Miniature RouterVeritas Miniature Router
Veritas Miniature Router
This 75mm wide router plane not only looks like its full-size counterpart, it works like it too. Comfortable to hold and manoeuvre, it is ideal for hardware installation, fine inlay or intarsia work. It comes with a 3.2mm wide A2 tool-steel blade (hardened to HRC 60-62), positioned inboard for standard use or outboard for true bullnose work. The carefully machined stainless steel body has a ground...
£57.50 inc VAT

Veritas Hardware Kits for Wooden SpokeshavesVeritas Hardware Kits for Wooden Spokeshaves
Veritas Hardware Kits for Wooden Spokeshaves
Traditional wooden spokeshaves are still popular tools, despite modern alternatives that offer better control over depth of cut. Typical spokeshave blades have tangs that wedge into holes in the tool body. Cut depth is adjusted by tapping the tang ends or the base of the blade. Many users find ways to refine this haphazard process, but most require a screwdriver or other tool, or the blade must...
from £44.00 inc VAT
Veritas Universal Variable Angle Plane FenceVeritas Universal Variable Angle Plane Fence
Veritas Universal Variable Angle Plane Fence
Designed to fit a wide array of bench planes, including those made by some other manufacturers, this variable angle fence can be used left or right. Not just for right angles, the fence allows you to plane accurate and consistent angles from 45° to 135°. Angles are set using a square or angle gauge, or directly on an angle you wish to match. A spring-loaded lever locks the fence and can...
£76.50 inc VAT

Blade for Veritas Skew Rebate Plane
Blade for Veritas Skew Rebate Plane
Replacement PM-V11 blade to fit the right hand Veritas Skew Rebate.
£47.50 inc VAT
Lee Valley Cast Scratch StockLee Valley Cast Scratch Stock
Lee Valley Cast Scratch Stock
Founded in 1825, Edward Preston & Sons, Ltd. produced some of the finest tools of the Victorian age. This elegant hand reeder and beading tool can be used to cut decorative profiles into furniture (such as beading on small table or cabinet edges or reeding on chair and table legs). It can also be used with a straight cutter for shallow rabbeting work, such as on mirror and picture frames. The...
£49.50 inc VAT

Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 BladeVeritas Medium Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade
Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade
The shoulder plane (a specialized rebate plane) is the ultimate tool for trimming a joint to a perfect fit. There is no better plane for trimming the shoulder of a tenon to perfection or for rebating work. The Veritas® medium shoulder plane is proportioned for versatility; it measures 7" long by 0.700" wide and weighs 2 lb. The ductile cast iron body is accurately machined and ground so that...
£234.00 inc VAT
Veritas Bevel-Up Smoother Plane
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Veritas Bevel-Up Smoother Plane
The latest addition to the Veritas family of low-angle bench planes is the state-of-the-art pure smoothing plane. It is the plane to use for the final finish on surfaces, especially woods of difficult grain patterns. It also complements the low-angle jack plane. Veritas have combined the generous width and weight of a dedicated smoother with the versatile inner workings of a low-angle bevel-up...
£288.00 inc VAT

Veritas DX60 Block Plane with PM-V11 BladeVeritas DX60 Block Plane with PM-V11 Blade
Veritas DX60 Block Plane with PM-V11 Blade
This Veritas DX60 block plane is one of the finest planes that Veritas have ever made. 4 years of design work culminates in a superb plane made to exacting standards and featuring newly refined stainless-steel hardware. The knob and wheel have elegant elliptical knurled edges for a firm grip. The lever cap has been extensively redesigned to integrate cleanly with the plane body and provide an...
£259.00 inc VAT
Veritas Cabinetmakers Trimming Plane
Veritas Cabinetmakers Trimming Plane
Commonly called a chisel plane, this 165mm long by 44mm wide plane has an exposed full width blade that lets you work up to adjacent surfaces. It excels at making paring cuts in places where a chisel would be awkward or impossible to use, making short work of cleaning up corners and joints inside carcasses. Because the blade can be set level with the sole, you can also trim plugs or small inlays...
£188.00 inc VAT

Veritas Detail Rabbet PlaneVeritas Detail Rabbet Plane
Veritas Detail Rabbet Plane
The detail rebate plane is primarily useful for small trimming tasks. It is handy for getting into tight spaces, especially cleaning up the bottom of dados or grooves. The plane’s body is ductile cast iron, 75mm long, accurately machined and ground. The sides are flat and square, allowing you to use the plane on its side for trimming tenons. The low 15-degree bed angle combined with the 30-degree...


from £64.50 inc VAT
Veritas Detail Palm PlanesVeritas Detail Palm Planes
Veritas Detail Palm Planes
With a height-adjustable palm rest for better in-hand registration, these miniature planes are easily maneuvered and permit fine, controlled cuts. The investment-cast steel body has a 45° bed angle and a fixed mouth, and uses a brass retention screw to secure the included 30° bevel A2 tool steel blade (0.06" thick by 3/8" wide). The soles are approximately 1½" long by 5/8" wide and are available...
from £75.40 inc VAT

Veritas Edge-Trimming PlanesVeritas Edge-Trimming Planes
Veritas Edge-Trimming Planes
Edge-trimming planes are used for final trimming cuts on jointed boards to ensure smooth edges at exactly 90° to the face, and for working end grain. In many instances you will need only one model; the appropriate choice is often based on which of your hands is dominant. However, neither model is exclusively for left or right handed users, as the planes are in fact complementary. Having both...
£140.00 inc VAT
Veritas Hinge Mortice Plane
Veritas Hinge Mortice Plane
The Veritas Hinge Mortice plane can accurately cut the recesses for door hinges or strike plates in a fraction of the time it takes to set up a router or chop them out with a chisel. The precision blade depth adjuster ensures an accurate, uniform depth. The ductile cast iron body has been accurately machined and ground flat. The large wooden knobs are positioned to provide comfort and excellent control....
£191.00 inc VAT

Handles for Veritas Low-Angle Block PlaneHandles for Veritas Low-Angle Block Plane
Handles for Veritas Low-Angle Block Plane
The bevel-up configuration of the Veritas low-angle block plane lets you vary the blade angle to suit the task, from low-angle blades for use on end grain to high-angle blades on figured wood. However, steeper cutting angles require more force to push the plane—a challenge for those with small hands or less strength. We offer inexpensive hardwood grips to adapt our low-angle block plane into...
from £17.15 inc VAT
Slow Adjuster for Veritas Bevel-Up Planes - Type A
Slow Adjuster for Veritas Bevel-Up Planes - Type A
The fine thread on this Norris-style adjuster slows blade advancement, making it easier to set blade projection precisely. An easy retrofit, it simply replaces the regular adjuster supplied with our bevel-up planes. Two versions are available. This type fits the bevel-up smoother, bevel-up jointer, low-angle jack, low-angle smooth and low-angle block planes. Made in Canada.
£18.98 inc VAT

Veritas Bevel-Up Jointer Fence
Veritas Bevel-Up Jointer Fence
The Veritas low-angle jointer fence enables you to shoot consistent and accurate square or bevelled edges with your Veritas bevel-up jointer. The 11" long anodized aluminium fence can be attached to either side of the plane with the brass thumbscrews provided; a set screw can be adjusted to square the fence to the sole. As supplied, the 2" tall guiding face can be used to plane edges perfectly...
£52.25 inc VAT
Veritas Blade Storage BoxVeritas Blade Storage Box
Veritas Blade Storage Box
This blade box holds the blades for the combination plane or small plow plane, displaying them edge up so you can easily pick the one you need. Made of Baltic birch plywood, it holds blades side by side in two 6" long rows. Because the width of the blades determines how many fit in the box, the number of blades you can store depends on which blades you own. However, all the new blades for the combination...
£22.50 inc VAT

Veritas Chamfer Guide for Low-Angle Block Plane
Veritas Chamfer Guide for Low-Angle Block Plane
You can convert the Veritas Low-Angle Block Plane (05P22.01) and Standard Block Plane (05P22.30) into chamfer planes in seconds with this cunning guide. Easy to install - you first set the chamfer width on the guide, then install the guide by unscrewing the front knob of the plane, replacing the toe piece with the chamfer guide and tightening the knob again. It is ready to go. Adjustable for...
£32.95 inc VAT
Veritas Combination Plane Box
Veritas Combination Plane Box
This storage box provides a place to keep the assembled plane, the second pair of fence rods and up to two of the blade boxes. Slots in the sides of the box base act as rests for the fence rods, holding the plane upright. The top of the box fits into channels in the box base, locking the plane in position as well as securing other contents. Made in Canada from Baltic birch plywood, the box is...
£69.75 inc VAT

Veritas Fluting Blades for Combination PlanesVeritas Fluting Blades for Combination Planes
Veritas Fluting Blades for Combination Planes
For use with the combination plane, these blades are used to create decorative concave fluting on workpieces. The PM-V11 steel blades are available in 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" flute diameters. Made in Canada.
from £23.75 inc VAT
Veritas Hand JointerVeritas Hand Jointer
Veritas Hand Jointer
The Veritas Hand Jointer allows you to accurately joint small parts by hand. Box-making and modelmaking often require small parts that are too dangerous to run through a power jointer and difficult to joint with a hand plane; balancing a plane on pieces much smaller than its sole can be awkward. This hand jointing accessory for Veritas medium and large shoulder planes lets you bring the work...
£51.65 inc VAT

Veritas Jack Rebate Plane with PM-V11 Blade
Veritas Jack Rebate Plane with PM-V11 Blade
This Veritas Jack Rebate plane cuts large-scale rebating down to size. The body is 385mm long and the blade extends the full width (57mm) of the body. It is suitable for very large rebates and fielded or bevelled panels. The long sole and substantial mass help ensure accuracy. The 4.8mm thick bevel-up blade makes right or left-handed corner cuts cleanly and accurately. Adjustable scoring spurs...
£415.00 inc VAT
Veritas Jointer Fence
Veritas Jointer Fence
Planing a square edge on a board requires a jointer fence, whether you are using an electric jointer or a hand plane. The Veritas® jointer fence allows you to shoot accurate and consistent square or bevelled edges with most* iron or steel bench planes. The integral rare-earth magnets make it quick and easy to attach or remove the 11" long anodized aluminium fence from either side of all sizes...
£59.95 inc VAT

Veritas Large Beading Blades for Combination PlanesVeritas Large Beading Blades for Combination Planes
Veritas Large Beading Blades for Combination Planes
These large beading blades are for use only with the combination plane, and are available in 5/16", 3/8", 7/16" and 1/2" bead diameters. All blades cut a 1/16" groove on either side of the blade. Made in Canada.
from £22.50 inc VAT
Veritas Low-Angle Smoothing PlaneVeritas Low-Angle Smoothing Plane
Veritas Low-Angle Smoothing Plane
The Veritas low-angle smooth plane has three key uses. It is used to smooth large surfaces, preferably taking a diagonal cut, partly across and partly along the grain. Similarly, with its generous sides, it is ideal for shooting mitres. Finally, it is excellent for end-grain work. The low cutting angle of 37° minimizes fibre tearing. With a bed angle of 12°, this is a "bevel-up" plane, like a low-angle...
£306.00 inc VAT
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