Replacement Carbide Rods for Veritas Scraper Burnisher for TurnersReplacement Carbide Rods for Veritas Scraper Burnisher for Turners
Replacement Carbide Rods for Veritas Scraper Burnisher for Turners
Replacement 5° and 10° carbide rods for the Veritas Scraper Burnisher for Turners.
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Veritas Card Scraper BurnisherVeritas Card Scraper Burnisher
Veritas Card Scraper Burnisher
A new take on typical single-handled burnishers, this latest tool from Veritas is an innovative design permitting a two handed grip, improving control so you can roll precisely the sort of hook you want on your scraper. As comfortable to grip as a spokeshave, it is held between the thumbs and forefingers, keeping your fingertips close to the carbide rod. This gives you much better tactile feedback,...
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Veritas Chair DevilsVeritas Chair Devils
Veritas Chair Devils
Veritas Chair devils are wonderful tools for final shaping and smoothing of round parts such as chair spindles and posts. The specially shaped scraper blade rounds the workpiece, removing any spokeshave marks. • Machined steel bodies fitted with hardwood handles • Machined toe and two thumbscrews are solid brass • High-carbon steel blades are 0.040'' thick, hardened...
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Veritas Round BurnisherVeritas Round Burnisher
Veritas Round Burnisher
The secret to effective hand scraping is a good hook on the edge of the scraper. The Veritas burnisher has an extra hard, smooth finish that not only forms a uniform hook on all shapes of scrapers, but also minimises friction during burnishing. Hardened to Rc58-60, this burnisher is substantially harder than the scrapers on which it is used. The 5/16" diameter A2 tool steel rod is 4 3/4"...
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Veritas Scraper Burnisher for WoodturnersVeritas Scraper Burnisher for Woodturners
Veritas Scraper Burnisher for Woodturners
The Veritas Scraper Burnisher turns scrapers into cutting tools. Woodturners who are used to using scrapers with a grinder burr will be amazed at the difference a smooth edge-hook can make. After grinding a scraper, you just deburr the flat face and roll a hook onto the edge. The pressure you use determines the size of the hook. Two 1" long carbide burnishing rods are supplied. One is ground...
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Veritas Variable Burnisher
Veritas Variable Burnisher
Cabinet scrapers are among the most useful (and least expensive) tools in a woodworking shop. Unfortunately, many woodworkers have difficulty putting the optimum hook on a scraper for the job at hand. Since scrapers have four working edges, it is possible to make one into a highly versatile tool with each edge having a different cutting characteristic. The problem most people have is choosing the...
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Set of 4 Veritas Super Hard ScrapersSet of 4 Veritas Super Hard Scrapers
Set of 4 Veritas Super Hard Scrapers
Most cabinet scrapers are sheared from spring steel, hardened to Rc38-42. These scrapers are harder (Rc48-52) and hold an edge longer. The edges are carefully milled to a square, sharp 90° ready for immediate use on fine work. For heavy-duty use, a hook must be burnished onto them. The prepared edges not only save you the initial effort of filing and stoning, but indicate the condition they should...
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Veritas Curved Scraper Sets
Veritas Curved Scraper Sets
These sets of three curved scrapers will handle a wide range of scraping jobs. The rectangular model with convex/concave ends is excellent for bowl work or for scraping spindles. The shmoo shape (easily recognizable to long-time readers of Li'l Abner) is equally useful for a wide range of concave surfaces as well as large moldings and small spindles. The third style has two different gentle...
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Veritas Scraper HolderVeritas Scraper Holder
Veritas Scraper Holder
There is no tool handier in the workshop than a cabinet scraper, and this holder lets you use it to maximum advantage. The light, strong, glass-filled nylon body, with all brass fittings, is kind to a sharp hook. You can slip any thickness of scraper (6"/150mm long) into it, clamp it in position, and set the amount of bow with the screw-actuated centre pad. The body is moulded to fit your hands...
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Veritas No.112 Style Scraping PlaneVeritas No.112 Style Scraping Plane
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Veritas No.112 Style Scraping Plane
The Veritas® scraping plane is the ideal tool for final smoothing, especially when you have to deal with highly figured wood or reversing grain. With a well-sharpened blade and light cuts you can achieve excellent results on any wood. Tear-out is virtually eliminated with the cutting action of the included scraping blade. The adjustable frog enables blade angles from 0° to 25°, providing fine...
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Veritas No.80 Style Cabinet ScraperVeritas No.80 Style Cabinet Scraper
Veritas No.80 Style Cabinet Scraper
This cabinet scraper is a very useful and versatile tool. Used in place of a much heavier belt sander, it can clean a dirty workbench top, remove dried glue and smooth a panel or tricky grain table top efficiently, leaving behind a surface free of tear-out, digs or gouges. Veritas have designed this tool with several improvements over what is usually known as the No.80 cabinet scraper. To allow...
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Veritas Small Scraping Plane
Veritas Small Scraping Plane
The Veritas Small Scraping Plane is a great tool for the final smoothing of small, flat surfaces, even highly figured timber, or small areas of difficult grain within a larger surface. The scraping plane comes into action after the surface has been prepared as well as possible using a finely tuned smoothing plane. What the scraping plane does is to replace the need for sanding prior to applying...
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Veritas Scraper Shave
Veritas Scraper Shave
The Veritas Scraper Shave is a versatile small scraper suitable for small-scale work, fine detailing, or any application where a normal scraping plane would be too large. The design of the tool allows a controlled scraping action that effectively smoothes the workpiece. Can be used as a companion tool with the chair devils for smoothing of non-round chair parts such as crest rails, arm bows and...
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Veritas Miniature Cabinet ScraperVeritas Miniature Cabinet Scraper
Veritas Miniature Cabinet Scraper
This cabinet scraper is the latest addition to Veritas' line of fully functional miniature tools. At about 1/3 the scale of the full-size tool, it measures 3-13/16" wide overall and weighs about 1-1/2 oz. Its small size allows fine control when smoothing surfaces. The 15/16" wide blade, made of spring steel and ground at a 45° angle, is held at a consistent depth and angle. A thumbscrew lets...
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