Greenwood Spoon CarvingGreenwood Spoon Carving
Greenwood Spoon Carving
By: Emmet Van Driesche Carving a spoon from a piece of freshly harvested wood is a rewarding – and challenging – pastime. Tremendous knowledge about the properties of wood, and grain, and the use of sharp edge tools can be gleaned through this seemingly simple practice. There is more to it than meets the eye. But many would-be spoon carvers don’t know where to begin. What...
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Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 16Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 16
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Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 16
The Table of Contents for Issue 16 of Mortise and Tenon Magazine is Michael Updegraff – ''Gathered in Reverence: Kezurou-kai in the United States'' Ted Ingraham – ''The Whittier House Windows: Sash-making in Early America'' Joshua A. Klein – ''House By Hand'' Stefan Wolf – ''A Life of Its Own: The Practice of...
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Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 15Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 15
Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 15
The Table of Contents for Issue 15 of Mortise and Tenon Magazine is “Ambulance for Monuments: Saving Romanian Heritage” – Dragos Nuta “Making the Versatile Hutch Table” – Joshua A. Klein “The Traveling ‘Ukulele” – Aaron Keim “Accustomed to Handle the Hammer: The Nail Making Specialty in Pre-industrial Manufacture” –...
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Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 14Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 14
Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 14
Issue Fourteen is no chronicle of the “good old days” – it’s an invitation to personal participation. The authors in this issue have crafted their words to inspire, but their aim is to inspire to something: namely, action. Mortise & Tenon Magazine want to see you roll up your sleeves at the bench, seek to cultivate personal skill, and enjoy the work of your hands. TABLE...
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Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 13
Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 13
TABLE OF CONTENTS “The Fiddle’s Unfolding: Tracing a Folk Tradition” – Kerry Lambertson “Fruitful Efficiency: On the Cultivation of Skill” – Joshua A. Klein “A Blacksmith’s Contribution to Woodworking” – Kenneth Schwarz “Root & Branch: Rediscovering the Uttermost Parts of a Tree” – Brendan Gaffney “From...
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Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 12
Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 12
Volume 12 Table of Contents: “The Last Boatbuilder of the Nagara River” – Douglas Brooks “The Simple Art of Wooden Planemaking” – Joshua A. Klein “For the Love of History: A Journey into Practical Blacksmithing” – Jordan Goodwin “Risk & Reward: Skill as a Safety Net” – Michael Updegraff “The Van Gogh Chair”...
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Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 11Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 11
Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 11
Volume 11 Table of Contents: Nevan Carling – “Restoration of an 18th-century Loom” Jeremy Tritchler – “Discovering The Trade, Art, And Mystery of 18th-Century Cabinetmaking” Gustave Remon – “The Versatile Socket Axe” Joshua A. Klein – “Finding The Groove: The Value of Batch Production Woodworking Elia Bizzarri –...
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Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 10Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 10
Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 10
Table of Contents: Will Wheeler - “An Unexpected Gift: Discovering Calm in a Modern Apprenticeship” Jeff Miller - “An Exercise in Precision & Randomness: Replicating David Pye’s Fluting Engine” Al Breed - Book Recommendation Joshua Klein – “Ready Hands: A Letter to My Sons” John Ruskin - “Savageness” George Walker –...
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Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 9Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 9
Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 9
Table of Contents: “The Sacred in the Common: Making an Icon Panel”– Symeon van Donkelaar “Making the Sussex Chair” – Abdollah Nafisi “The Legacy of Cesar Chelor” – Steve Voigt “Scribes of Nature: Dendrochronology & the Deeper Story of Wooden Objects” – Michael Updegraff “Examination of an 1815-1830 New...
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Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 8Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 8
Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 8
Table of Contents: “A Sense of Place” Amy Umbel “Intermediate Technology in the Shop” Harry Bryan Examination: Grain-Painted Chest Over Drawers “Crafting an Education: Recreating Henry David Thoreau’s Desk with Eleventh Graders” – Cameron Turner “The Legend of the Jimmy Possum Chair” – Mike Epworth “Subversive...
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Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 7Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 7
Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 7
Table of Contents: "Partnership with Nature: An Interview with Peter Lamb" "A Fresh & Unexpected Beauty: Understanding David Pye’s 'Workmanship of Risk'" - JOSHUA A. KLEIN "The Weight of the Past" - BILL PAVLAK "Freedom From Vises: Workholding Solutions From Three Traditions" - MICHAEL UPDEGRAFF "A Good Day’s Work:...
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Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 6Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 6
Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 6
Table of Contents: The Good Life: Discussing Slöjd with Jögge Sundqvist Cutting-edge Technology: Rediscovering the Double-iron Plane - Steve Voigt A Chair Called Henry - Nathaniel Brewster William Morris and George Nakashima: Finding the Middle Landscape - David Lane Examination: 1804 Painted Cupboard A Tale of Two Trees: The Radical Efficiency of Green Woodworking - Michael...
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Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 5Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 5
Mortise & Tenon Magazine - Issue 5
Table of Contents: An Interview with Spencer Nelson on Apartment Woodworking An Overwhelming Call: The Life & Work of Eric Sloane - Michael Updegraff Chester Cornett's 'Masterpiece' - Brendan Gaffney Norse Seat Chest - Kate Fox Hand in Hand with Jonathan Fisher - Joshua A. Klein Traditional Coopering by Marshall Scheetz Book Recommendation - Chinnery's "Oak...
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The First Three Issues BookThe First Three Issues Book
The First Three Issues Book
A hardbound republication of the Issues 1-3 with additional essays from M&T editors Michael Updegraff, Jim McConnell, and Joshua A. Klein. Foreword by Christopher Schwarz of Lost Art Press. +450 pages, matte-coated paper, sewn binding. Printed in the USA. TABLES OF CONTENTS Issue One "The Mortise & Tenon Magazine Manifesto" - Joshua A. Klein "Imbued With Story:...
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Another Work is PossibleAnother Work is Possible
Another Work is Possible
By: Joshua A. Klein with Charpentiers Sans Frontières Since 2002, Charpentiers Sans Frontières (CSF, 'Carpenters Without Borders') have travelled around the world to build, using the old ways. With axe, saw, plumb bob, and chisel, this diverse group of skilled craftspeople restored a medieval bridge at a castle in France, built a new hewn-truss roof system on a blacksmith shop...
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Joined: A Bench Guide to Furniture JoineryJoined: A Bench Guide to Furniture Joinery
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Joined: A Bench Guide to Furniture Joinery
By: Joshua A. Klein Many woodworking how-to books have a distinctly clinical feel to them, taking a formulaic approach (complete with exploded computer-drafted imagery) to describe a woodworking process from start to finish. This method works well for conveying precise measurements and details for replicating a specific piece of furniture, but falls short when it comes to capturing the whole point...
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Worked: A Bench Guide to Hand-Tool EfficiencyWorked: A Bench Guide to Hand-Tool Efficiency
Worked: A Bench Guide to Hand-Tool Efficiency
By: Joshua A. Klein There is a gap in most woodworking instruction. Somewhere in between tool descriptions (what they are and what they do) and step-by-step project tutorials, we are missing something vital. We may understand what a backsaw is, or what a hatchet is capable of… but how do we actually do it? How do we engage the wood with these tools? And how do we confidently proceed through...
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