Narex Richter Bevel Edge ChiselsNarex Richter Bevel Edge Chisels
Narex Richter Bevel Edge Chisels
Until recently we stocked the Narex 8116 range of bevel edge chisels which were popular amongst students and people starting out in woodworking. Most importantly the steel in the 8116 range was very good but in our opinion the balance and feel would sometimes let them down. I'm glad to say that this new premium range 8150 from Narex is a massive improvement upon the old chisels. Yes they are not...


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Narex Mortice Chisels - Set of 4Narex Mortice Chisels - Set of 4
Narex Mortice Chisels - Set of 4
Robust mortice chisels for chopping out joints and cutting mortices. Sides taper in height and length from tip to shoulder for sidewall clearance. Bulky handle made from hornbeam which is strong enough to withstand heavy blows with a mallet. Overall length 304mm. Available as a boxed set of 4 (4mm, 6mm, 10mm and 12mm).
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Narex Marking KnivesNarex Marking Knives
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Narex Marking Knives
The Narex marking knife is an essential tool for creating marks on wood when laying out precision joinery or transferring measurements. The flat handle profile prevents the knife from rolling off the bench. With the addition of laser cut finger indents which are useful for applying pressure closer to the tip. Available in three thicknesses; 2.5mm, 1.2mm, & 0.75mm Handle: Polished Rosewood...
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Narex Premium Carving Mallets
Narex Premium Carving Mallets
A sturdy and durable mallet made by Narex of quality European hornbeam wood that withstands the heaviest blows. Available in small and large. Small - 600g (250mm tall, 110mm diamter head) Large - 900g (270mm tall, 130mm diamter head)
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Narex Uni-ScraperNarex Uni-Scraper
Narex Uni-Scraper
Universal scraper from Narex that can be used for many joinery, carving or restoration tasks. 200mm long. 14mm wide. 0.75mm thick blade.
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