Crucible Iron HoldfastCrucible Iron Holdfast
Crucible Iron Holdfast
The Crucible holdfast. Made from ductile iron in an Illinois family foundry that’s been in business for more than a century. Based on a French design salvaged from a barn. The last holdfast you are likely to need. Since Roman times, the iron holdfast has been an essential piece of workbench equipment for carpenters, joiners and cabinetmakers. Yet many of us struggle with holdfasts that work...
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Crucible Planing StopCrucible Planing Stop
Crucible Planing Stop
We have always loved blacksmith-made planing stops, which are embedded in the end of a block of wood that is about 3” x 3” x 12”. The block is friction-fit into a mortice in the benchtop and moves up and down with mallet taps. In our experience, the planing stop is as important as the workbench’s face vice and has almost-endless uses. The main problem with a blacksmith...


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Lee Valley 3/4'' Dog Hole BushingsLee Valley 3/4'' Dog Hole Bushings
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Lee Valley 3/4'' Dog Hole Bushings
These 3/4'' hardened steel bushings help you make an accurate dog-hole drilling guide using any 1 1/2'' thick board. Knurling on the bushing provides a mechanical lock when installed in an appropriately sized hole (1'' for the 3/4'' bushing), and a projecting rim ensures that it rests perpendicular to the jig's surface. Made in Canada.
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Veritas Bench Dogs & Pups
Veritas Bench Dogs & Pups
These are made from solid brass rod. Sold in pairs. The crosshatching and 2° slope on the face help to hold wood securely, pulling it down onto the bench's surface. A side spring slides cleanly and holds it in position. The dogs are 110mm (4.3/8") long, the pups 60mm (2.3/8"). Both work well in combination with Veritas Wonder Dog and Wonder Pup Clamps. For 19mm (3/4")...
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Veritas Planing StopVeritas Planing Stop
Veritas Planing Stop
These low-profile work stops present a broad bearing surface. Particularly useful with thin or narrow workpieces, each 1 1/4" wide anodized aluminum rail projects just 0.22" above the bench top, allowing materials as thin as 1/4" to be worked or planed without obstruction. It also provides a reliable registration surface for materials too narrow to span two adjacent bench dogs. The...
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Veritas Wonder Dogs & PupsVeritas Wonder Dogs & Pups
Veritas Wonder Dogs & Pups
Steel post and screw with black oxide finish, solid brass clamp head and handle. These can pivot in any direction that clamping is required. An easy-adjusting handle provides ample clamping pressure in any position. The dog head has two screw holes, so any tip shape can be cut with a scroll saw and attached for specialized work. The Wonder Dog post is 6½" and is drilled and tapped...
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Simon James 19mm (3/4") HoldfastSimon James 19mm (3/4") Holdfast
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Simon James 19mm (3/4") Holdfast
Handmade, using traditional methods and a small forge by experienced craftsmen as a cottage industry. They are not mass produced so every one has very slight differences, which is what you expect with handmade workmanship. They are all hand stamped with the Simon James logo. Made from 18mm steel and are designed to fit 19mm (3/4") holes. Overall shaft length is 12" (30cm) Overall length of reach...
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Lie-Nielsen Holdfast
Lie-Nielsen Holdfast
Inspired by the work of master blacksmith, Peter Ross. Cast Ductile Iron, hot oil finish. Fits a 3/4" diameter hole in a benchtop up to 4" thick (if your benchtop is thicker, you may need to relieve the bottom third of the hole to 1" diameter). Low profile, flexible enough to grip the work firmly, but easily loosened with a hammer. Overall shaft length is 13" (33.0 cm) Overall...
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Veritas Bench Hold DownVeritas Bench Hold Down
Veritas Bench Hold Down
The Veritas hold-down can clamp workpieces to a bench or anywhere a 3/4" hole can be drilled. Exceptionally high clamping forces can be obtained with this hold-down for two reasons. First, with the arm free to pivot independently, all levered forces are exerted downward, without any losses due to horizontal slippage from the canting action of the hold-down post. Second, the fine barb-shaped grooves...
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Veritas Quick-Release Wonder DogVeritas Quick-Release Wonder Dog
Veritas Quick-Release Wonder Dog
This version of the Wonder Dog has a fast-acting cam mechanism to speed up adjustments. You just slide the head against the workpiece, then throw the lever to apply clamping force. Curved and irregular shapes can also be clamped; two screw holes in the brass dog head let you attach a custom face of any shape, giving good control without marring work. The low-profile head and clamp body are 5/8"...
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Lee Valley Vice Rack StopLee Valley Vice Rack Stop
Lee Valley Vice Rack Stop
This simple device from Lee Valley is designed to help prevent racking when clamping work at one side of a vice. Simply stack up as many of the 0.10" thick shims as you need to match the approximate thickness of your work, up to a total of 4", and insert it into the vice opposite the work being clamped. For thicker work, you can add a piece of scrap wood to occupy the bulk of the space, and then...
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Veritas 3/4'' Surface ClampVeritas 3/4'' Surface Clamp
Veritas 3/4'' Surface Clamp
Hold down, bench clamp or surface clamp - the functions are the same just the name changes. True to form Veritas have taken an ordinary thing and made it much, much better - as well as a thing of beauty in brass and black satin. These fast acting surface clamps can be used anywhere you can drill a 19mm diameter hole. The post has a wedging mechanism which anchors it firmly (horizontally or vertically)...
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Benchcrafted Benchmakers Hardware
Benchcrafted Benchmakers Hardware
Typical captive nut arrangements for knockdown bases involve either a square nut, recessed hex nut, or short, slotted cross-dowels. All of these fasteners make it tricky to assemble the joint without some frustration or extra tools. The BenchCrafted barrel nuts and end cap barrel nuts are the ideal choise for making knock-down joints in workbench bases. The set of 4 zinc-plated steel Barrel Nuts are...
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Benchcrafted Crubber
Benchcrafted Crubber
Crubber is a composite material made by grinding natural cork and rubber, then combining the materials under great pressure to form a tough, resilient, grippy matrix that is then sliced into sheets. Crubber has become BenchCrafted's favourite non-slip, super-grip material for lining vice jaws. All Benchcrafted vices are outfitted with Crubber. What's the advantage over suede or other cow skin-type...
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Benchcrafted Planing Stop
Benchcrafted Planing Stop
The Benchcrafted planing stop is made from mild steel. The teeth are milled into the stop then lightly deburr with abrasive paper to maintain the points of the teeth. The stop arrives sharp and ready to use. Easy Installation Using the same principle as their Barrel Nuts, the Benchcrafted Planing Stop mounts to the wooden stock via two machine screws and a single, double-tapped barrel nut. This provides...
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Veritas Carvers ScrewVeritas Carvers Screw
Veritas Carvers Screw
Turned from a solid bar of brass, this carver's screw, with its tapered tip and high-profile threads, grips securely and guarantees that remounted pieces are held as securely the third and fourth time as they were the first. The hex portion clamps securely in a vice while you thread on a blank, or you can use a spanner. The moulded tightening knob has a low-friction brass insert. At 5" long overall,...
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Muzzles for Veritas Bench Dogs & PupsMuzzles for Veritas Bench Dogs & Pups
Muzzles for Veritas Bench Dogs & Pups
For clamping a finished piece without marking it, the slip-resistant muzzles slide over the Bench Dogs (or Bench Pups) to give you a non-marring surface. They have a hard, spring-grip, plastic body with six face ribs. Available in two sizes: 1¼" long for Bench Dogs or 3/4" long for Bench Pups. Sold in pairs.
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Veritas Special Bench Bolts
Veritas Special Bench Bolts
Most European benches use a bolt system to fasten leg sets to stretchers. The main advantage is that you can snug the bolts if anything loosens due to changes in humidity. The solid brass nuts on our bench bolts slide into a pre-drilled hole in the stretcher, and distribute pressure to prevent breakout. A bench can be made very rigid (without complex joinery) by using a wide stretcher, since the...
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Veritas Wood Carver's ViceVeritas Wood Carver's Vice
Veritas Wood Carver's Vice
A good carver's vice should be adjustable in all three axis. This one has full rotation in two axes and 3" of height adjustment in the third axis. But more important, it has controlled release; when you relieve the clamping pressure, a combination of internal springs and O-rings provides residual resistance so that your work does not suddenly fall or rotate. You can reposition the work and...
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Accessories for the Veritas Wood Carver's ViceAccessories for the Veritas Wood Carver's Vice
Accessories for the Veritas Wood Carver's Vice
Accessories for the Veritas Wood Carver's Vice: Dog Hole Mount Assembly: The vice can be side or top mounted through any standard 3/4" dia. dog hole using the auxiliary rod/sleeve/wing-nut assembly, usable on benches from 5/8" to 4" thick. 3 1/2" Mounting Plate: 3-1/2" dia. by 1/2" thick mounting plate with a steel rod. 2" Mounting Plate: For mounting smaller pieces, such as duck heads or bird...
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5 1/2'' Post for Veritas Bench Hold Down
5 1/2'' Post for Veritas Bench Hold Down
This 5 1/2" Post is for the Veritas Bench Hold Down, for holes where through travel is limited. At just 5-1/2" long, it provides about 4" of clamping capacity. Patented.
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