DMT Diamond Honing ConeDMT Diamond Honing Cone
DMT Diamond Honing Cone
For special projects, use specialized DMT® Diamond Honing Cones. The tapered diamond slip stones included in the kit are excellent for working gouges, wood turning, tool & die work, dental tools and more. With this particular cone equipped with fine diamond (25 micron / 600 mesh), you can hone a razor sharp edge on any tool with speed and precision. Sized with a Small 1/8" to 3/8"...
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Vallorbe Triangular Saw FilesVallorbe Triangular Saw Files
Vallorbe Triangular Saw Files
To choose the right file, size it to the tooth. Ideally, about half of the cutting surface of the file will be in contact with the tooth -- half of the file will be in the gullet and the other half unused. When you rotate the file to get a fresh edge, it will be uniformly sharp. If you use a smaller file, only some of the new surface will be fresh and the rest dull.
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Veritas Saw File HolderVeritas Saw File Holder
Veritas Saw File Holder
Not only does this Veritas Saw File Holder provide a secondary grip for your saw file, it also helps you control the angle of the file as you sharpen, using the eye's natural ability to judge parallel and level. It has a rotating collar for setting a positive or negative rake angle up to 30°, and a 3" wide protractor to set the fleam (or bevel) angle up to 45° left or right. All you need to...
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Grobet Auger Bit File
Grobet Auger Bit File
Auger bit files are double ended, with one end having teeth cut along the face with uncut edges, and the other with teeth cut along the edge and uncut faces. This version, made by Grobet in Italy is very nicely made, with each end of the file tapered in two dimensions, and a finely shaped centre section to grip when working. Length 7'' - Steel (8oz) Made in Italy by Grobet


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Vallorbe 10" Blunt Mill File Single CutVallorbe 10" Blunt Mill File Single Cut
Vallorbe 10" Blunt Mill File Single Cut
Vallorbe single cut mill files are used in preparation for saw sharpening, and for squaring the edges of cabinet scrapers prior to sharpening. Can be used in conjunction with Veritas Jointer/Edger. Handles are also available, please see separate listing.
£10.55 inc VAT
Veritas Jointer/Edger
Veritas Jointer/Edger
This jointer/edger can be used on cabinet scrapers, scraper plane blades, handsaws and ski edges. It has a 45° jointing capability as well as the standard 90°. The handle has a comfortable, ergonomic shape and the screws are designed so they can be tightened with a small coin (to accommodate skiers). In the shop, it is invaluable for jointing scrapers and handsaws; the fence is relieved next...
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Lee Valley Saw File RollLee Valley Saw File Roll
Lee Valley Saw File Roll
Storage roll for your saw files. Keeps the files from rubbing together. Does not include any saw files.
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James Barry Needle File SetsJames Barry Needle File Sets
James Barry Needle File Sets
A quality precision set of 4 different shaped needle files 600 grit as used in the british aerospace industry and by the like of Rolls Royce Engineering. Fantastic for carving tools, model engineering, small tools, removing welds, filing plastics and precious metals as in the jewellery industry. The pack consists of 1 x tapered/round 1 x tapered half flat/round 1 x flat 1 x triangular/tapered Fine...
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Vallorbe 'Condor' File HandlesVallorbe 'Condor' File Handles
Vallorbe 'Condor' File Handles
Precision needle file handle. These can be reused time and time again. AL260 Condor Handle for Needle Files. Recommended for: 5" xx-slim and 6" xx-slim saw files. AL160 Condor Handle for Needle Files. Recommended for: 4" xx-slim saw files.
£15.00 inc VAT
Vallorbe 'Crocodile' File HandlesVallorbe 'Crocodile' File Handles
Vallorbe 'Crocodile' File Handles
Antislip plastic file handle with hardened threaded insert. These can be reused time and time again. #5 Fits 10-12" files. Recommended for: 10" mill file 7" regular saw file #4 Fits 6-8" files. Recommended for: 8" mill file #3 Fits 4-6" files. Recommended for: 6" mill file 7" slim and 6" saw files #2 Fits 4-6" files. Recommended for: 6"...
£5.00 inc VAT