''Family Tree of Chairs'' Letterpress Poster''Family Tree of Chairs'' Letterpress Poster
''Family Tree of Chairs'' Letterpress Poster
The "Family Tree of Chairs" is an original piece of art made by Lee John Phillips of Wales that was first printed as the endpapers for "The Stick Chair Book" by Christopher Schwarz. The "Family Tree" shows the development of chair forms through the centuries – from a tree stump all the way to the more complex types, such as the high-style Chippendale chairs and a...
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Benchcrafted Split Top Roubo Plans
Benchcrafted Split Top Roubo Plans
This Benchcrafted Split Top Roubo bench plan is based on Andre Roubo's bench from Plate 11 of L'Art du Menuisier, with the added capabilities of the Benchcrafted vices. Benchcrafted developed this plan so woodworkers could build a bench using the Benchcrafted Tail Vice and Glide Leg Vice without having to figure out all the details. Simply follow the measured drawings and instruction notes. The measured...
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Chairmaker's Notebook - Full-size Plans
Chairmaker's Notebook - Full-size Plans
For those woodworkers who prefer full-size plans, we now offer plans for the two chairs featured in Peter Galbert's book "Chairmaker's Notebook". The plans feature handmade full-size drawings of the following components of the fan-back and balloon-back chairs: Full-size turning patterns of legs, stretchers and posts - both bobbin and baluster forms. Full-size drawings of...
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Edwin Skull Chair Poster, Circa 1865Edwin Skull Chair Poster, Circa 1865
Edwin Skull Chair Poster, Circa 1865
One of the most delightful images Chris Schwarz has turned up in his research on historical chairs is a broadsheet printed by the Edwin Skull chair company in High Wycombe. The colour image features 141 of the chairs offered by the firm, including the “Skull’s Patent Plectaneum Chair,” a famous folding chair. The Skull firm traces its roots back to Charles Skull (1780–1851),...
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