Non-slip Holder
Non-slip Holder
A non-branded adjustable non-slip rubber bench stone holder, with central rubber support. Will take stones up to 8" long. Ideal for most water, oil and diamond stones 8" and below.
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Silicone Non-Slip Base
Silicone Non-Slip Base
Available in two sizes to accommodate the most popular bench stones. This base will anchor your stone securely to any surface and provide stability when drawing the blade across the stone surface.
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Veritas Bevel GaugeVeritas Bevel Gauge
Veritas Bevel Gauge
Half the secret of sharpening is the control of blade geometry. Nothing is handier than a bevel gauge for quickly checking the grind angle of chisels, plane blades, turning tools, etc. A quick check confirms the angle last used for grinding or honing so that the edge geometry can be maintained. Our bevel gauge has seven individual slots that will measure the most commonly used angles from 15°...
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Shapton Professional Sharpening Stone HolderShapton Professional Sharpening Stone Holder
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Shapton Professional Sharpening Stone Holder
Solid sharpening stone holder, of hard rubber with tempered glass core for secure positioning.


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Shapton Stone HolderShapton Stone Holder
Shapton Stone Holder
Sharpening Stone Holder, without stone. Turned over the stone holder can be used to store three Shapton stones.
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Shapton Sharpening Stone PondShapton Sharpening Stone Pond
Shapton Sharpening Stone Pond
For sharpening and storing sharpening stones. 390 x 320 x 52 mm.
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Norton Honing Oil
Norton Honing Oil
Norton oil is recommended as a lubricant for all oil stones. Also suitable for hinged or moving parts of hand tools, locks, Albert's knees etc. Safe for kitchen use, but ingestion should still be avoided! Size: 4.5fl oz or 133ml
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Pfeil Honing Oil
Pfeil Honing Oil
Pfeil Honing oil for use on Arkansas stones. 100ml.
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Pfeil Polishing Paste, Green
Pfeil Polishing Paste, Green
Pfeil Polishing Paste is a fine abrasive paste for polishing honed bevels. Ideal for use with a powered strop, the paste features a cooling property, to avoid heating of the blade. The paste can be used with a cloth. Weight 900g
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Pfeil Polishing Cream
Pfeil Polishing Cream
Pfeil polishing cream for strops. 50ml. Approximately 4000-6000 grit.
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Vallorbe 'Condor' File HandlesVallorbe 'Condor' File Handles
Vallorbe 'Condor' File Handles
Precision needle file handle. These can be reused time and time again. AL260 Condor Handle for Needle Files. Recommended for: 5" xx-slim and 6" xx-slim saw files. AL160 Condor Handle for Needle Files. Recommended for: 4" xx-slim saw files.
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Vallorbe 'Crocodile' File HandlesVallorbe 'Crocodile' File Handles
Vallorbe 'Crocodile' File Handles
Antislip plastic file handle with hardened threaded insert. These can be reused time and time again. #5 Fits 10-12" files. Recommended for: 10" mill file 7" regular saw file #4 Fits 6-8" files. Recommended for: 8" mill file #3 Fits 4-6" files. Recommended for: 6" mill file 7" slim and 6" saw files #2 Fits 4-6" files. Recommended for: 6"...
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Veritas Jointer/Edger
Veritas Jointer/Edger
This jointer/edger can be used on cabinet scrapers, scraper plane blades, handsaws and ski edges. It has a 45° jointing capability as well as the standard 90°. The handle has a comfortable, ergonomic shape and the screws are designed so they can be tightened with a small coin (to accommodate skiers). In the shop, it is invaluable for jointing scrapers and handsaws; the fence is relieved next...
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Veritas Small Blade Holder
Veritas Small Blade Holder
The Veritas Small Blade Holder helps with the difficulty of holding short blades such as those found in most spokeshaves, instrument maker's planes, etc., sharpening them has been difficult. The Veritas Small Blade Holder solves this effectively and safely by securing the blade using two powerful rare-earth magnets embedded into anodized aluminium and an adjustable stop block. In effect, it...
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