Shapton Ceramic Glass StoneShapton Ceramic Glass Stone
Shapton Ceramic Glass Stone
The Shapton stones are ceramic which means they will wear more slowly than a traditional waterstone, but still cut quickly to get you back working in no time. The ceramic grit is bonded to float glass which also helps maintain the stones flatness. No need to soak, just splash water on to its surface, and you are ready to go. Like a waterstone these Shapton Glass Stones will need to be flattened...
from £39.00 inc VAT
Shapton Diamond Flattening PlateShapton Diamond Flattening Plate
Shapton Diamond Flattening Plate
With diamond coating for ultra precise truing of ceramic stones and conventional water stones (tolerances +/-4 micron).
£295.00 inc VAT

Shapton Professional Sharpening Stone HolderShapton Professional Sharpening Stone Holder
Shapton Professional Sharpening Stone Holder
Solid sharpening stone holder, of hard rubber with tempered glass core for secure positioning.
£99.00 inc VAT
Shapton Sharpening Stone PondShapton Sharpening Stone Pond
Shapton Sharpening Stone Pond
For sharpening and storing sharpening stones. 390 x 320 x 52 mm.
£195.00 inc VAT

Shapton Stone HolderShapton Stone Holder
Shapton Stone Holder
Sharpening Stone Holder, without stone. Turned over the stone holder can be used to store three Shapton stones.
£69.00 inc VAT