A Sharpening HandbookA Sharpening Handbook
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A Sharpening Handbook
by Richard D. Wile There are many books available on sharpening, however as Richard Wile points out, “sharpening has evolved.” He has directed his book towards the novice to intermediate sharpener, with the aim of enhancing their experience with advice on guides, new and traditional media, and techniques. Techniques cover the primary hand tools in most woodworkers’ workshops...
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Lee Valley 3-in-1 Brass Marking GaugeLee Valley 3-in-1 Brass Marking Gauge
Lee Valley 3-in-1 Brass Marking Gauge
This elegant Lee Valley marking gauge is really three tools in one - a wheel gauge, a pin gauge, and a cutting gauge. The unique swivelling pin/blade chuck takes either a pin or a blade that locks in place (after extension is set) using a set screw in the end of the 4½" gauge stem. The cutting blade can be set for either right or left handed use. The opposite end of the stem is tapped to accept...
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Lee Valley Cast Round Spokeshave
Lee Valley Cast Round Spokeshave
Founded in 1825, Edward Preston & Sons, Ltd. produced some of the finest tools of the Victorian age. Lee Valley have created a close replica of their model 1374 round-bottomed spokeshave, a tool as elegant as it is effective. Smaller than typical spokeshaves at 6¾" long overall, it is designed for fine smoothing and shaping, with a tight mouth opening that helps reduce tear-out,...
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Lee Valley Cast Scratch StockLee Valley Cast Scratch Stock
Lee Valley Cast Scratch Stock
Founded in 1825, Edward Preston & Sons, Ltd. produced some of the finest tools of the Victorian age. This elegant hand reeder and beading tool can be used to cut decorative profiles into furniture (such as beading on small table or cabinet edges or reeding on chair and table legs). It can also be used with a straight cutter for shallow rabbeting work, such as on mirror and picture frames. The...
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Cutters for the Lee Valley Cast Scratch StockCutters for the Lee Valley Cast Scratch Stock
Cutters for the Lee Valley Cast Scratch Stock
These cutters are for the Lee Valley Cast Scratch Stock. Made in Canada.
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Lee Valley Router Plane Blade RollLee Valley Router Plane Blade Roll
Lee Valley Router Plane Blade Roll
This blade roll safely stores and organizes all the blades for our router plane and hinge mortise plane. It has ten labelled pockets to hold the standard Imperial and metric blades, with additional pockets for the 1/2" wide spear-point and straight blades and the 3/4" hinge mortise plane blade. It also includes pockets for the fence, blade sharpening jig and miscellaneous small parts (hex...
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Lee Valley Saw File RollLee Valley Saw File Roll
Lee Valley Saw File Roll
Storage roll for your saw files. Keeps the files from rubbing together. Does not include any saw files.
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Lee Valley Small Plough Plane Blade Roll
Lee Valley Small Plough Plane Blade Roll
To safely store and organize all the blades, this roll features a total of 28 blade pockets, labelled for all Imperial and metric sizes of our standard blades, wide blades and tongue-cutting blades, plus two spare pockets for extra blades. It also includes two pockets for the wide-blade conversion kit and miscellaneous small parts (hex keys, depth stop, etc.). Internal flaps cover and protect...
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Lee Valley Spokeshave RollLee Valley Spokeshave Roll
Lee Valley Spokeshave Roll
For some people, spokeshaves are like peanuts (or planes) - they can't have just one! This unique Lee Valley spokeshave tool roll (really a tri-fold case) keeps them all organized, accessible and portable. Made from a heavy polyester fabric, the exterior of the roll is double-layered and padded. Sewn elastic straps hold six spokeshaves of lengths up to 12". The roll flaps fasten closed with hook-and-loop...
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Lee Valley Turning Tool RollLee Valley Turning Tool Roll
Lee Valley Turning Tool Roll
This portable turning tool roll offers good organization, accessibility, and protection. The heavy polyester fabric (double layered for durability) has pockets for nine tools up to 22" long. Elasticized handle pockets accommodate handles up to 1-5/8" in diameter. Internal flaps cover the blades to prevent damage and fold out of the way for access. Nylon quick-release buckles secure the roll for...
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Lee Valley Vice Rack StopLee Valley Vice Rack Stop
Lee Valley Vice Rack Stop
This simple device from Lee Valley is designed to help prevent racking when clamping work at one side of a vice. Simply stack up as many of the 0.10" thick shims as you need to match the approximate thickness of your work, up to a total of 4", and insert it into the vice opposite the work being clamped. For thicker work, you can add a piece of scrap wood to occupy the bulk of the space, and then...
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Lee Valley Winding SticksLee Valley Winding Sticks
Lee Valley Winding Sticks
Winding sticks are not new; woodworkers have been making them for years from scrap wood and using them to check the flatness of material. Placed at opposite ends of a board, they accentuate any twist (wind), making it easier to identify and correct. With the sticks in place, sight across their top edges. If the edges are parallel, the board is not twisted. Reposition and repeat to check the entire...
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