Hock Violin Knife BladesHock Violin Knife Blades
Hock Violin Knife Blades
Three sizes of knife blade as suggested by the late master violin-maker, Hans Weisshaar. These knives are double beveled. Sold as blades only, no handles. High carbon steel.
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Lie-Nielsen No 101 Violin Maker's Plane
Lie-Nielsen No 101 Violin Maker's Plane
This pocket-sized block plane is the smallest of the Lie-Nielsen hand planes to feature a captive nut blade adjuster for precisely controlled depth of cut. Loosely based on the Stanley No.101 block plane, the Lie-Nielsen Violin Maker’s Plane features several significant improvements that put it in a class of its own. The body and cap are made from Manganese Bronze for extra weight, durability,...


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Pfeil Purfling Pick
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Pfeil Purfling Pick
The Pfeil Purfling Pick is used for cleaning the purfling channel. Cutting width is 2mm and has a plum handle.
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Pfeil Violin Maker's GougePfeil Violin Maker's Gouge
Pfeil Violin Maker's Gouge
Pfeil Violin Maker's Gouges are made of high-alloy carbon steel, the blades are razor sharp, and are ready to use. Plum handles with brass ferrules. With a bent blade for shaping the tops and backs of stringed instruments, they are forged in one piece and have an inside bevel..
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Pfeil Violin Maker's Knives
Pfeil Violin Maker's Knives
Pfeil Violin Maker's Knives are easy to resharpen because the special steel is hardened all the way through. These have a double bevel.
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Veritas Detail Palm PlanesVeritas Detail Palm Planes
Veritas Detail Palm Planes
With a height-adjustable palm rest for better in-hand registration, these miniature planes are easily maneuvered and permit fine, controlled cuts. The investment-cast steel body has a 45° bed angle and a fixed mouth, and uses a brass retention screw to secure the included 30° bevel A2 tool steel blade (0.06" thick by 3/8" wide). The soles are approximately 1½" long by 5/8" wide and are available...
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