Bessey KR Body ClampBessey KR Body Clamp
Bessey KR Body Clamp
For parallel jaw clamping. * now with 40% more clamping force (7000 N) * depth increased from 85mm to 95mm * supplied with 3 supporting pressure caps for extra protection * with quality 2-component handle * attach KR-AS adaptors for extra reach KR60-2K 600mm opening 95mm depth KR80-2K 800mm opening 95mm depth KR100-2K 1000mm opening 95mm depth KR125-2K 1250mm opening 95mm depth KR150-2K...
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Bessey TG2K Screw ClampsBessey TG2K Screw Clamps
Bessey TG2K Screw Clamps
* Clamping force up to 6,000 N * High-quality 2-component plastic handle * Pressure plates can be replaced by hand - no tools required (from 80 mm throat depth) * Stable profiled rail with serration is resistant to torsional forces * BESSEY anti-slip system (from 80 mm throat depth) TG-20 2K 200mm opening 100mm depth TG-30 2K 300mm opening 140mm depth TG-40 2K 400mm opening 175mm depth
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Bessey Klik ClampsBessey Klik Clamps
Bessey Klik Clamps
* Clamping force up to 1,200 N * Weight starts from a tiny 260 g * Sturdy fixed and sliding arms made from lightweight magnesium * Stepped‚ vibration-resistant * VIBRAFIX ratchet mechanism
from £20.00 inc VAT
Bessey GK Gear KlampBessey GK Gear Klamp
Bessey GK Gear Klamp
* High-quality two-component plastic handle positioned around the rail, so clamp can be used in tight spaces * Clamping force up to 2,000 N * Easy-to-move trapezoidal thread spindle with swivelling pressure plate * Quick-release shift button to quickly adjust sliding bar GK15 - 150mm opening x 60mm depth GK30 - 300mm opening x 60mm depth GK45 - 450mm opening x 60mm depth GK60 - 600mm opening...
from £33.50 inc VAT

Bessey GH All Steel Lever ClampsBessey GH All Steel Lever Clamps
Bessey GH All Steel Lever Clamps
* Greater reserves of power‚ thanks to optimised rail profile‚ for even clamping force build-up‚ especially under maximum utilisation of the clamping range * Non-slip trigger release * Quick - up to 5 x faster than regular clamps * Secure - vibration resistant * Strong - clamping force up to 8‚500 N GH20 Opening 200mm Depth 100mm
£62.00 inc VAT
Bessey EZS One Handed ClampsBessey EZS One Handed Clamps
Bessey EZS One Handed Clamps
* Clamping force up to 2,000 N * Toolless conversion for spreading thanks to intelligent release mechanism in upper section * Ergonomically shaped 2-component plastic handle behind the rail EZS15-8 150mm Opening 80mm Depth EZS30-8 300mm Opening 80mm Depth EZS45-8 450mm Opening 80mm Depth EZS60-8 600mm Opening 80mm Depth
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Bessey UK Uni ClampsBessey UK Uni Clamps
Bessey UK Uni Clamps
* Clamping force up to 1‚500 N * Parallel jaw faces with extra-large contact surfaces * Clamping of various shapes‚ along the whole length of the rail * Universally applicable * Light and easy-to-handle * No need for tools for switching between clamping and spreading * Retail-ready packaging UK60 Opening 600mm
£28.75 inc VAT
Bessey LMU Step-Over ClampBessey LMU Step-Over Clamp
Bessey LMU Step-Over Clamp
* Clamping force up to 1‚500 N * Step-over clamping * Comes with two plastic pressure caps * Small and easy to handle * Light weight LMU20-5 supplied in a pack of 4
£43.70 inc VAT

Bessey Horizontal Toggle Clamp with Open Arm and Horizontal Base PlateBessey Horizontal Toggle Clamp with Open Arm and Horizontal Base Plate
Bessey Horizontal Toggle Clamp with Open Arm and Horizontal Base Plate
In the clamped position‚ the lever is horizontal. Automatic and infinitely variable adjustment of the clamping height 0 - 65 mm (2 ½ In.) while clamping force remains unchanged - without having to make manual changes to the position of the pressure screws. Clamping force is variable up to 2‚500 N (550 lbs) depending on the adjustment of the set screw in the cantilevered joint. Sturdy‚...
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Bessey XV5-170 VarioClippix Spring ClampBessey XV5-170 VarioClippix Spring Clamp
Bessey XV5-170 VarioClippix Spring Clamp
* Variable clamping width up to 170 mm‚ yet can be operated with one hand * Lightweight‚ functional and easy to handle * Extremely stable * Retail-ready packaging
£8.30 inc VAT

Bessey KR-AS Tilting Clamp Adapter SetBessey KR-AS Tilting Clamp Adapter Set
Bessey KR-AS Tilting Clamp Adapter Set
A very handy set of adapters to allow clamping on sloping and parallel surfaces (15 degrees tilt range). To be used with the Bessey K Body clamps.
£18.40 inc VAT