Worldwide Shipping

The way worldwide shipping options work have changed a lot recently.
We want the process to be as simple as possible for our customers.

If you cannot find the answers to your questions below please contact us by email at or by ringing +44 1473 784983.

As you go through the checkout you will be offered different shipping options depending on what you are buying (and the country your items are to be delivered).

One option we offer is a partnership with SAMOS who will deliver your order with all the taxes, import duty and customer clearance fees paid up front. In our checkout this is labelled as Delivered Duties Paid (also known as DDP).

You can still choose a shipping option that excludes import duties/taxes/fees.
If applicable these will be charged by customs in the destination country. You will contacted separately by the courier to pay these. This shipping option is known as Delivered Duties Unpaid (DDU).

If there are no shipping options displayed in the checkout then it will say “Quote Required” and “Free”. If this is the case you can still proceed through the checkout and the order will go on hold. We will work out the delivery costs and contact you with a quote.

Please note with all shipping options you will be given an estimated delivery time. These are a guide for the delivery times.

Full Explanation of DDP and DDU

DDP – Delivered Duties Paid

The DDP shipping option includes all import duties / taxes / fees.
By selecting this option, all costs are paid upfront in the checkout and you will have no further charges.

The full cost will be broken down into shipping cost + landed cost (taxes, duties, clearance fees)*

We use SAMOS to ship packages DDP.

*This is a service provided by Classic Hand Tools to cover all delivery costs based on our own calculations. The amount we charge for this service may differ slightly from the actual tax, duties and clearance fees owed. If you choose this DDP service, it becomes Classic Hand Tools' responsibility to pay the applicable taxes, duties and fees.

DDU – Delivered Duties Unpaid

The DDU shipping option excludes import duties / taxes / fees. If applicable, they will be charged by customs in the destination country. You will be contacted separately by the courier to pay these.


If you choose DDU: Check your country's duty-free/tax-free limits

Each country has duty-free and tax-free limits. If you choose our Delivered Duties Unpaid (DDU) option, you should note the duty-free/tax-free limits of your country because you may be liable to pay tax/duty on your order. If you choose the Delivered Duties Paid (DDP) option, don't worry, we will make sure all duty and is paid.

If you choose DDU and your order (including shipping) is over the limit, you are liable to pay the tax or duty. If the order (including shipping) is under the limit, there is no tax/duty to pay.

For example, orders to the European Union:
- Duty is exempt when up to 150 EUR.
- VAT is always charged regardless of the value.
- Both duty and VAT are due when over 150 EUR.

Below is a reference sheet for each of the countries we deliver to, and their duty-free/tax-free limits

Please note:
- Some countries have special rules and conditions that do not clearly define their duty-free/tax-free limits.
- A duty-free/tax-free limit of 0 means that items of any value are subejct to duty/tax.


Duty-free/Tax-free Limits by Country

Correct at the time of writing: 1st January 2024

European Union

Flag Country Duty-free limit Tax-free limit
Austria 150 EUR 0 EUR
Belgium 150 EUR 0 EUR
Bulgaria 150 EUR 0 EUR
Croatia 150 EUR 0 EUR
Cyprus 150 EUR 0 EUR
Czech Republic 150 EUR 0 EUR
Denmark 150 EUR 0 EUR
Estonia 150 EUR 0 EUR
Finland 150 EUR 0 EUR
France 150 EUR 0 EUR
Germany 150 EUR 0 EUR
Greece 150 EUR 0 EUR
Hungary 150 EUR 0 EUR
Ireland 150 EUR 0 EUR
Italy 150 EUR 0 EUR
Latvia 150 EUR 0 EUR
Lithuania 150 EUR 0 EUR
Luxembourg 150 EUR 0 EUR
Malta 150 EUR 0 EUR
Netherlands 150 EUR 0 EUR
Poland 150 EUR 0 EUR
Portugal 150 EUR 0 EUR
Romania 150 EUR 0 EUR
Slovakia 150 EUR 0 EUR
Slovenia 150 EUR 0 EUR
Spain 150 EUR 0 EUR
Sweden 150 EUR 0 EUR

Europe (Non-EU)

Flag Country Duty-free limit Tax-free limit
Bosnia & Herzegovina 300 KM 300 KM
Faroe Islands (Denmark) 300 DKK 300 DKK
gibraltar.256x186 Gibraltar 0 USD 0 USD
Iceland 0 ISK 0 ISK
Liechtenstein 0 CHF 0 CHF
Macedonia 22 EUR 22 EUR
Moldova 300 EUR 300 EUR
Monaco 150 EUR 22 EUR
Norway 350 NOK 350 NOK
Serbia 0 RSD 0 RSD
Switzerland 0 CHF 0 CHF
Turkey 0 EUR 0 EUR

North America

Flag Country Duty-free limit Tax-free limit
Canada 20 CAD 20 CAD
Mexico 1000 USD 50 USD
United States 800 USD Varies

South America

Flag Country Duty-free limit Tax-free limit
Argentina 0 USD 0 USD
Brazil 0 BRL 0 BRL
Chile 41 USD 41 USD
French Guiana 150 EUR 0 EUR


Flag Country Duty-free limit Tax-free limit
China, People's Republic of 0 CNY 0 CNY
Georgia 300 GEL 0 GEL
Hong Kong 0 USD 0 USD
India 0 INR 0 INR
Indonesia 3 USD 0 USD
Iran 50 USD 50 USD
Israel 500 USD 75 USD
Japan 10000 JPY 10000 JPY
Kazakhstan 200 EUR 200 EUR
Korea, The Republic of 150 USD 150 USD
Kuwait 100 KWD 0 KWD
Malaysia 500 MYR 500 MYR
Oman 0 USD 0 USD
Philippines 10000 PHP 10000 PHP
Singapore 400 SGD 400 SGD
Taiwan 2000 TWD 2000 TWD
Thailand 1500 THB 1500 THB
United Arab Emirates 300 AED 0 AED
Vietnam 1000000 VND 0 VND


Flag Country Duty-free limit Tax-free limit
Reunion 150 EUR 22 EUR
South Africa 0 ZAR 0 ZAR


Flag Country Duty-free limit Tax-free limit
Australia 1000 AUD 1000 AUD
Fiji 200 FJD 200 FJD
New Zealand 1000 NZD 1000 NZD