Red Rose Reproductions Compass AttachmentRed Rose Reproductions Compass Attachment
Red Rose Reproductions Compass Attachment
Red Rose Reproductions dividers can now be converted to a compass for drawing arcs and circles using the compass attachment. To convert, one of the points is unscrewed from the dividers and replaced with the mounting bracket and screw. The second screw secures a wooden pencil in place. The attachment is universal, and will fit on either the 5" or 7½" divider. Two pencils are included,...
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Red Rose Reproductions DividersRed Rose Reproductions Dividers
Red Rose Reproductions Dividers
These dividers were designed with a few key objectives in mind. First, they needed to have the ability to be quickly adjusted. Many dividers are fitted with thumb screws used to open and close the arms. This method is fine for some tasks, but falls short when rapid adjustments are needed, such as when using with the sector where adjustments are frequent and over a large range. These are fitted...
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