A Sharpening HandbookA Sharpening Handbook
A Sharpening Handbook
by Richard D. Wile There are many books available on sharpening, however as Richard Wile points out, “sharpening has evolved.” He has directed his book towards the novice to intermediate sharpener, with the aim of enhancing their experience with advice on guides, new and traditional media, and techniques. Techniques cover the primary hand tools in most woodworkers’ workshops...
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Set & File: A Practical Guide to Saw SharpeningSet & File: A Practical Guide to Saw Sharpening
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Set & File: A Practical Guide to Saw Sharpening
by Matt Cianci This book should arrive in late August, we will update you if this changes. In "Set & File," Matt Cianci (aka The Saw Wright) teaches you the fundamentals of maintaining backsaws and handsaws: how to file and joint your saws with the correct rake, fleam and pitch to keep them cutting sharp. You'll also learn how to deal with saw teeth that are in good shape but...
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Sharpening for all - green woodwork, workshops, bushcraft, gardening, carepentry, forestry, builders, cooking and craft Sharp is a book that will guide the reader through the principles and practice of sharpening. From definitions and requirements in the chapter 'What is Sharp?' and through chapters explaining edge geometry, how to observe the edge to determine correct sharpening procedures required,...


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Sharpen ThisSharpen This
Sharpen This
by Christopher Schwarz Sharpening is not a sport. If you want to be a better woodworker, you need to learn to sharpen. If you want to be a better sharpener, you need to stop paying so much attention to tertiary bevels and carbide formations in steel and start paying attention to the wood. If the wood is cut cleanly, then your tools are sufficiently sharp. If the wood is torn out and covered in...


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Sharpening Profiled Hand Tools
Sharpening Profiled Hand Tools
with Larry Williams Sharpening hand tools with profiled edges can be a challenge. Larry Williams has years of experience and shares it here, showing how he handles sharpening various moulding planes blades, and other specialised tools that often are not sharpened correctly or well. 92 Minutes. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Productions, 2009.
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The Perfect Edge
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The Perfect Edge
By Ron Hock, Nearly every operation in woodworking uses a piece of steel between the woodworker and the wood. This steel needs to be cared for and sharpened for the best results. "The Perfect Edge" is an up-to-date book on sharpening every woodworking tool, using the latest sharpening stones, tools and techniques. The author brings more than twenty-five years of experience, working with demanding...
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