Veritas Canvas ApronVeritas Canvas Apron
Veritas Canvas Apron
With cross-back straps to place the weight of the apron on your shoulders instead of your neck, this apron is 100% cotton canvas, a lightweight and durable material. At about 34" long and 28" wide, the bib provides ample front and side coverage. The shoulder straps are easy to adjust with low-profile, unobtrusive clips, and the adjustable waistband has a quick-release buckle. A pocket...
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Veritas Chair Doctor GlueVeritas Chair Doctor Glue
Veritas Chair Doctor Glue
Veritas Chair Doctor glue can penetrate narrow cracks in chairs. I used this on my kitchen chairs which had become decidely wobbly and they are able to withstand my sons rough treatment again - excellent. If a chair has a loose rung, an injection of Chair Doctor Glue will first swell the rung & then bond it. The low viscosity lets it soak into the end grain of wood, swell it and then freeze...
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Veritas Plane ScrewdriverVeritas Plane Screwdriver
Veritas Plane Screwdriver
A regular screwdriver just doesn't work well on cap iron screws. A narrow blade can mar the cap-screw slot, and there's always the risk that the screwdriver tip will slip out of the slot altogether. Veritas have designed this screwdriver to make it both safe and easy to remove, replace or adjust cap irons. It has a turned brass collar surrounding the tip to capture the head of a cap iron screw...


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