New Veritas Micro-Adjust Wheel Marking GaugeNew Veritas Micro-Adjust Wheel Marking Gauge
New Veritas Micro-Adjust Wheel Marking Gauge
Veritas have refined and redesigned their ever popular wheel marking gauges. This new micro-adjust wheel marking gauge draws on two decades of manufacturing experience, with subtle improvements across the board. The adjustment mechanism built into the stainless-steel rod is intuitive to use. After setting the approximate projection, you can fine-tune the position of the cutter within a range of...
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Veritas Micro Adjust Marking GaugeVeritas Micro Adjust Marking Gauge
Veritas Micro Adjust Marking Gauge
The Veritas wheel marking gauge is a great workhorse and excellent value. Its popularity led to the development of a second model that incorporates a micro-adjust feature. It is similar to our standard wheel marking gauge with an anodized aluminium body, brass face, stainless-steel rod and internal O-ring to keep a constant light friction force on the rod. It differs in that the body is slightly...
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Veritas Dual Marking Gauge
Veritas Dual Marking Gauge
The Veritas Dual Marking Gauge has two independently adjustable rods, which will allow you to set two measurements at once, so you can quickly alternate between them when transferring or marking repetitive dimensions. Projection up to 5-3/4" is easy to set, since an internal O-ring keeps light but constant friction on each rod; a thumbscrew firmly locks rods in place. Like other Veritas marking...
£46.90 inc VAT
Veritas Standard Marking Gauge
Veritas Standard Marking Gauge
Standard Gauge - pretty much the same construction as the micro adjust but these are slighly shorter at 6" and do not have the micro adjust feature.
£29.65 inc VAT

Veritas Carpenter's GaugeVeritas Carpenter's Gauge
Veritas Carpenter's Gauge
Specifically designed to be carried in an apron or pocket, this is both a direct-reading compass and a marking gauge, two things that carpenters frequently need but find hard to carry. It has a rotatable head, which locks vertically for use and horizontally for storage and tip protection. It is direct reading, both for radius and diameter, in inches and centimetres. If you have ever measured a...
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Veritas Miniature Marking GaugesVeritas Miniature Marking Gauges
Veritas Miniature Marking Gauges
These are fully working versions of the Veritas wheel marking and dual marking gauges, but only one third of the size. Their smaller scale allows greater control and makes these exquisite tools perfect for small marking tasks that require a delicate touch. Each is 57mm long and weighs just over 14g and 21g respectively. Like their full-size counterparts, they cut (not tear) fibres for clear marks...
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Veritas Marking Gauge Replacement Wheel
Veritas Marking Gauge Replacement Wheel
Replacement wheel for Veritas gauges. Not suitable for the new style micro-adjust marking gauge.
£3.85 inc VAT
Veritas Marking Gauge Replacement Wheel - (Inside)
Veritas Marking Gauge Replacement Wheel - (Inside)
Replacement wheel for the Dual Marking gauges. Both the Inside and Outside cutters are required for the Dual Marking gauge.
£4.75 inc VAT

Veritas Marking Gauge Replacement Wheel - (Outside)
Veritas Marking Gauge Replacement Wheel - (Outside)
Replacement wheel for the new style Micro-adust and Dual Marking gauges. Both the Inside and Outside cutters are required for the Dual Marking gauge.
£4.75 inc VAT
Veritas Marking/Mortice Gauge HeadsVeritas Marking/Mortice Gauge Heads
Veritas Marking/Mortice Gauge Heads
Though designed for use with their Veritas® Wheel Marking Gauges, these gauge heads are a simple retrofit for any marking gauge with a 5/16" diameter shaft. Made from carbon steel, the 5/8" diameter wheel cutters will scribe at any point in their circumference and slice rather than tear fibers for clean, accurate cuts. The single-bevel cutters are usable in-line for marking parallel lines, or...
£12.95 inc VAT

Veritas Micro-Adjust Rod for Wheel Marking Gauges
Veritas Micro-Adjust Rod for Wheel Marking Gauges
We offer the micro-adjust rod separately from the gauge body to let you easily upgrade a Veritas standard wheel marking gauge you own with the new adjustment mechanism.
£27.50 inc VAT
Veritas Shaft Clamp for Dual Marking Gauge
Veritas Shaft Clamp for Dual Marking Gauge
On occasions, it may an advantage to lock the relative position of the two rods on the Veritas® Dual Marking Gauge, such as when a project requires a constant mortise size, but different offsets. The shaft clamp lets you lock the relative position of the cutters while still being able to adjust the fence for offset. This allows you to preserve identical mortise or tenon sizing when joining parts...
£8.65 inc VAT

Veritas Precision Square - Metric
Veritas Precision Square - Metric
This could easily become the most-used measuring tool in your shop. An ideal size for cabinet-making, it has the accuracy of an engineer's square (0.001" per inch of length). All four edges are ground, and both faces are graduated on the inside and outside edges. This version is graduated in half millimetres on the 8cm leg and in millimetres on the 15cm leg. Each is useful not only for general...
£39.95 inc VAT
Veritas 1½" Pocket Layout SquareVeritas 1½" Pocket Layout Square
Veritas 1½" Pocket Layout Square
The Veritas Pocket Layout Square is machined from solid aluminium extrusion, anodized and laser etched on both sides, this triangular layout square is only 1½" on a side. The 1/2" wide by 1/8" thick base registers solidly against a workpiece and has a 1/8" offset on one edge and 1/4" on the other. Like a standard layout square, it has 1/16" rule graduations as well as angle graduations in 10°...
£11.30 inc VAT

Veritas Metric Sliding Square
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Veritas Metric Sliding Square
These cabinetmaker's squares are used to lay out or transfer measurements quickly and accurately; you always have an ample reference face against your work without having to flip the square. This also simplifies working in two axes at once (e.g., measuring in 50mm and over 40mm), substantially reducing the chance of error when measuring and marking two dimensions. The stainless steel blade is...
£33.90 inc VAT
Veritas Dovetail Saddle Markers
Veritas Dovetail Saddle Markers
These Veritas dovetail saddle markers are precision machined at 1:6 and 1:8 angles, the traditional angles for softwood and hardwood dovetails respectively. The long legs ensure accurate registration. Also, much like the Veritas® Saddle Square™ they are based on, they allow a continuous line to be transferred around the corner, so the straight and angled lines can be scribed at the same...
£11.55 inc VAT

Veritas Dovetail Markers
Veritas Dovetail Markers
For quick, accurate marking of dovetails, this pair of Veritas Dovetail Markers are the best available. With riding ledges on both sides, these 50 x 50mm markers can be flipped over to scribe both slopes of the dovetail. They are designed so the entire ledge is riding on the reference face, even when marking edge dovetails. The relieved corners at the join of the body ensure perfect seating....
£11.45 inc VAT
Veritas Saddle Square
Veritas Saddle Square
Veritas Small Saddle Square - Transferring a line from one surface to another with a small square is not easy. Our saddle square allows you to scribe two perpendicular surfaces at one time. But, more importantly, it allows you to pick up on a line already scribed & accurately transfer it to another perpendicular face. With 1 1/4" (32mm) & 2 1/4" (57mm) inside legs, it can wrap a...
£11.95 inc VAT

Veritas Large Saddle Square
Veritas Large Saddle Square
Veritas Large Saddle Square - Many of the people who purchased the small saddle square have asked for a larger version. This version has 1-3/8" x 3-3/8" legs to accommodate a standard 2 x 4 e.g., for stud wall layout. It also has a slot machined through the centre to help lay out stud locations. Simply mark the centres of your studs on top and bottom plate, then place the square so that the...
£14.95 inc VAT
Veritas Mitre SaddleVeritas Mitre Saddle
Veritas Mitre Saddle
When working on small items such as picture frames, a large combination square or try square can often be cumbersome. Not so with the new Veritas mitre saddle. The relatively small size makes it easy to use. Despite its small size, it still has a large reference face (3-1/2" at the wide end) set at 45°. The leg measures 1" wide by 2-1/4" long. As with the saddle squares, the sides are machined...
£13.55 inc VAT

Lee Valley Winding SticksLee Valley Winding Sticks
Lee Valley Winding Sticks
Winding sticks are not new; woodworkers have been making them for years from scrap wood and using them to check the flatness of material. Placed at opposite ends of a board, they accentuate any twist (wind), making it easier to identify and correct. With the sticks in place, sight across their top edges. If the edges are parallel, the board is not twisted. Reposition and repeat to check the entire...
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Veritas Aluminium Straightedges
Veritas Aluminium Straightedges
These anodized aluminium straight edges are 1¾" high and 7/16" wide, and will not rust. The reference edge is machined flat to within 0.003" over the entire length. They are available in three lengths, 24", 38" and 50". The 24" straight edge weighs 1lb, the 38" weighs just under 2lb, and the 50" version weighs 2.5lb.
from £24.50 inc VAT

Veritas Steel Straightedges
Veritas Steel Straightedges
Shop accuracy begins with a benchmark straightedge as a surface reference. These Canadian-made Veritas precision steel straightedges are ground flat over the entire length on both edges, the 24" lengths to within 0.0010" and the 36" length to within 0.0015". All have been stress relieved to remain true under temperature variation. Useful for checking whether surfaces are flat or...
from £58.85 inc VAT
Veritas Trammel PointsVeritas Trammel Points
Veritas Trammel Points
Usable on any rule up to 1/4" thick, these narrow-bodied trammels can be set to reproduce radii as little as 9/16". The removable points score clear lines on any wood, and are also effective on aluminium, brass, bronze and mild steel. With the points removed, the trammel bodies double as square gauges, clamping onto a square to make repetitive angle marking easy. Inspired by an antique trammel...
£24.65 inc VAT

Pencil Tip & 10 Leads for Veritas Trammel Points
Pencil Tip & 10 Leads for Veritas Trammel Points
This pencil tip can replace either of the stainless-steel tips on the Veritas trammel points or the Veritas beam compass. It holds an included 2mm thick, 25mm long HB lead that marks a dark line and holds a bevel edge well. Ten additional pencil leads are included. Made of durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel with knurled sections to make them easy to remove. Pencil tips measure about...
£15.00 inc VAT
Veritas Bar Gauge HeadsVeritas Bar Gauge Heads
Veritas Bar Gauge Heads
Compares measurements e.g. equal diagnosis in drawers. Transfers dimensions without converting into numbers. Can be used for sizing shelves or interior trim on windows. Gauge head openings are 13 x 19mm, rip 6mm slices to make bars (wood not included).
£11.85 inc VAT

Veritas Beam Compass Heads
Veritas Beam Compass Heads
Using a regular compass for small circles is OK, but for projects involving large circles or arcs, our beam compass heads are ideal. The aluminium heads clamp onto a piece of wood between 5/8" and 3/4" thick, creating a compass whose radius is limited only by the length of stock you have at hand. Each brass clamping knob holds the head securely to the beam using a trapped pin that prevents pivoting...
£55.85 inc VAT
Veritas Beam CompassVeritas Beam Compass
Veritas Beam Compass
A beam compass (or trammel) offers longer reach and easier adjustment than an ordinary compass. This updated beam compass is made largely of stainless steel, providing it with improved toughness and rust resistance, not to mention a more modern look. The beams have threaded ends that let you link them together for longer reach. Just the base section of the beam compass deals with circles from...
£73.40 inc VAT

Veritas Bar GaugeVeritas Bar Gauge
Veritas Bar Gauge
Using a bar gauge lets you directly transfer and compare dimensions without conversion to numbers, reducing the chance of transcription errors. You can even use it to quickly test an assembly for squareness by checking that the diagonals are equal. The base unit consists of two 6" steel rods fixed to aluminium clamp heads. The rods have threaded end holes that accept interchangeable brass...
£58.80 inc VAT

Veritas Bar Gauge 12" Extension Rods
Veritas Bar Gauge 12" Extension Rods
This pair of 12" extension rods can be used to extend the reach of the Veritas bar gauge, Veritas beam compass, or Veritas marking and transfer tool. It can also be used with the fence and center kit for the Veritas plunge base for rotary tools or the fence and center kit for compact routers, in order to extend the reach of the fence. The rods have a male thread at one end and a female thread...
£12.65 inc VAT
Veritas Set-Up Blocks - 9 Piece Metric SetVeritas Set-Up Blocks - 9 Piece Metric Set
Veritas Set-Up Blocks - 9 Piece Metric Set
Setting up machines in the shop can be a frustrating and inaccurate undertaking. Tape measures and rulers are difficult to use when measuring gaps between curved bits and guide fences. Worse, machines often require two hands to adjust, leaving nothing to hold the measuring tool. The Veritas set-up blocks help solve this problem. Simply place the appropriate block or combination of blocks between the...
£53.78 inc VAT

Veritas Transfer Log Scribe
Veritas Transfer Log Scribe
Can be used with 2 pencils for double scribing and the hardened steel pin can be used on one leg for smooth scribing. Fully adjustable from 0-300mm. Calibrated so that any opening can be used once the double bubbles are set for a given pencil & pin projection. Curved pin tip has rounded end for smooth scribing and straight tip is sharp pointed for compass work. Includes indelible pencil...
£113.00 inc VAT
Veritas Metric Bevel SettersVeritas Metric Bevel Setters
Veritas Metric Bevel Setters
A sliding bevel is an excellent tool for transferring angles but not for reading them. This bevel setter allows you to set specific angles (from 0° to 60° in 1/2° increments) on a sliding bevel or a workpiece and to read angles already set. Both functions are useful for dovetailing, for machine set-up, for polygon work, or for accurately fitting a piece in a restricted location. Common dovetail...
£29.65 inc VAT

Veritas Ruler StopVeritas Ruler Stop
Veritas Ruler Stop
The Veritas ruler stop increases the usefulness of a metal ruler by providing a solid reference point. It is ideal for setting saw fences, repeat cuts, etc. To use, slide the stop over the ruler end and tighten it at the desired position. The notched post at the tip of the brass adjustment screw allows even the thinnest rulers to be clamped securely; it will not mar the ruler edge. Repositioning...
£12.75 inc VAT
Veritas Thickness CalipersVeritas Thickness Calipers
Veritas Thickness Calipers
Primarily used by turners, these Veritas thickness calipers can be fitted into virtually any shape of vase or bowl. To use, open the caliper by just pulling the legs apart (having the spacing nut between the legs rather than outside them allows this), put in position and then set the spacing nut to the wall thickness. Open calipers, remove and measure tip gap. The spacing nut can be adjusted...
from £53.45 inc VAT

Veritas Centre MarkerVeritas Centre Marker
Veritas Centre Marker
The Veritas centre marker is used for marking the centre of any square or round piece up to 6" across. Ideal for marking work removed from a lathe after waste ends have been removed. This accurate centre marker is a precision aluminium die casting with a steel scoring blade. Easy to use, set the material in the marker, tap it and rotate a quarter turn and tap again, the result is two scoring...
£22.70 inc VAT