Veritas Trammel PointsVeritas Trammel Points
Veritas Trammel Points
Usable on any rule up to 1/4" thick, these narrow-bodied trammels can be set to reproduce radii as little as 9/16". The removable points score clear lines on any wood, and are also effective on aluminium, brass, bronze and mild steel. With the points removed, the trammel bodies double as square gauges, clamping onto a square to make repetitive angle marking easy. Inspired by an antique trammel...
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Pencil Tip & 10 Leads for Veritas Trammel Points
Pencil Tip & 10 Leads for Veritas Trammel Points
This pencil tip can replace either of the stainless-steel tips on the Veritas trammel points or the Veritas beam compass. It holds an included 2mm thick, 25mm long HB lead that marks a dark line and holds a bevel edge well. Ten additional pencil leads are included. Made of durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel with knurled sections to make them easy to remove. Pencil tips measure about...
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Veritas Bar Gauge HeadsVeritas Bar Gauge Heads
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Veritas Bar Gauge Heads
Compares measurements e.g. equal diagnosis in drawers. Transfers dimensions without converting into numbers. Can be used for sizing shelves or interior trim on windows. Gauge head openings are 13 x 19mm, rip 6mm slices to make bars (wood not included).
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Veritas Beam Compass Heads
Veritas Beam Compass Heads
Using a regular compass for small circles is OK, but for projects involving large circles or arcs, our beam compass heads are ideal. The aluminium heads clamp onto a piece of wood between 5/8" and 3/4" thick, creating a compass whose radius is limited only by the length of stock you have at hand. Each brass clamping knob holds the head securely to the beam using a trapped pin that prevents pivoting...
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Veritas Beam CompassVeritas Beam Compass
Veritas Beam Compass
A beam compass (or trammel) offers longer reach and easier adjustment than an ordinary compass. This updated beam compass is made largely of stainless steel, providing it with improved toughness and rust resistance, not to mention a more modern look. The beams have threaded ends that let you link them together for longer reach. Just the base section of the beam compass deals with circles from...
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Veritas Bar GaugeVeritas Bar Gauge
Veritas Bar Gauge
Using a bar gauge lets you directly transfer and compare dimensions without conversion to numbers, reducing the chance of transcription errors. You can even use it to quickly test an assembly for squareness by checking that the diagonals are equal. The base unit consists of two 6" steel rods fixed to aluminium clamp heads. The rods have threaded end holes that accept interchangeable brass...
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Veritas Bar Gauge 12'' Extension Rods
Veritas Bar Gauge 12'' Extension Rods
This pair of 12" extension rods can be used to extend the reach of the Veritas bar gauge, Veritas beam compass, or Veritas marking and transfer tool. It can also be used with the fence and center kit for the Veritas plunge base for rotary tools or the fence and center kit for compact routers, in order to extend the reach of the fence. The rods have a male thread at one end and a female thread...
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