Veritas Set-Up Blocks - 9 Piece Metric SetVeritas Set-Up Blocks - 9 Piece Metric Set
Veritas Set-Up Blocks - 9 Piece Metric Set
Setting up machines in the shop can be a frustrating and inaccurate undertaking. Tape measures and rulers are difficult to use when measuring gaps between curved bits and guide fences. Worse, machines often require two hands to adjust, leaving nothing to hold the measuring tool. The Veritas set-up blocks help solve this problem. Simply place the appropriate block or combination of blocks between the...
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Veritas Tabling ScribeVeritas Tabling Scribe
Veritas Tabling Scribe
No matter how careful you are with layout and assembly, a legged project will almost always be wobbly. One way to ensure the project will sit properly without rocking is by tabling it; that is, placing the project on a fl at table (e.g., the top of a table saw), marking a consistent trimming line on each leg, and then cutting to this line. The Veritas Tabling Scribe simplifies this step, providing...
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Veritas Transfer Log Scribe
Veritas Transfer Log Scribe
Can be used with 2 pencils for double scribing and the hardened steel pin can be used on one leg for smooth scribing. Fully adjustable from 0-300mm. Calibrated so that any opening can be used once the double bubbles are set for a given pencil & pin projection. Curved pin tip has rounded end for smooth scribing and straight tip is sharp pointed for compass work. Includes indelible pencil...
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Veritas Metric Bevel SettersVeritas Metric Bevel Setters
Veritas Metric Bevel Setters
A sliding bevel is an excellent tool for transferring angles but not for reading them. This bevel setter allows you to set specific angles (from 0° to 60° in 1/2° increments) on a sliding bevel or a workpiece and to read angles already set. Both functions are useful for dovetailing, for machine set-up, for polygon work, or for accurately fitting a piece in a restricted location. Common dovetail...
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Veritas Ruler StopVeritas Ruler Stop
Veritas Ruler Stop
The Veritas ruler stop increases the usefulness of a metal ruler by providing a solid reference point. It is ideal for setting saw fences, repeat cuts, etc. To use, slide the stop over the ruler end and tighten it at the desired position. The notched post at the tip of the brass adjustment screw allows even the thinnest rulers to be clamped securely; it will not mar the ruler edge. Repositioning...
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Veritas Thickness CalipersVeritas Thickness Calipers
Veritas Thickness Calipers
Primarily used by turners, these Veritas thickness calipers can be fitted into virtually any shape of vase or bowl. To use, open the caliper by just pulling the legs apart (having the spacing nut between the legs rather than outside them allows this), put in position and then set the spacing nut to the wall thickness. Open calipers, remove and measure tip gap. The spacing nut can be adjusted...
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Veritas Centre MarkerVeritas Centre Marker
Veritas Centre Marker
The Veritas centre marker is used for marking the centre of any square or round piece up to 6" across. Ideal for marking work removed from a lathe after waste ends have been removed. This accurate centre marker is a precision aluminium die casting with a steel scoring blade. Easy to use, set the material in the marker, tap it and rotate a quarter turn and tap again, the result is two scoring...
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