Veritas Scraper Holder

Veritas Scraper Holder
Veritas Scraper HolderVeritas Scraper Holder

Product Reference: 05K3301

There is no tool handier in the workshop than a cabinet scraper, and this holder lets you use it to maximum advantage.
The light, strong, glass-filled nylon body, with all brass fittings, is kind to a sharp hook. You can slip any thickness of scraper (6"/150mm long) into it, clamp it in position, and set the amount of bow with the screw-actuated centre pad.

The body is moulded to fit your hands comfortably. Your thumbs no longer get tired or burned during long scraping sessions. Even better, you can easily scrape toward yourself as well as away, letting you work to best advantage with the grain. You can set the scraper at any projection you want; the conical brass clamping plugs have a flat on one side for solid scraper support at any projection.

The Veritas® Scraper Holder makes versatile scrapers even easier to use. It comes with a milled-edge, super-hard scraper.
Price: 28.20 (Including VAT at 20%)

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