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Veritas Pullshave

Veritas Pullshave
Veritas Pullshave

Product Reference: 05P5073

The Veritas Pullshave was designed for hollowing or recessing an area, for example, shaping and smoothing chair seats.

The unique design is the result of taking a convex spokeshave and reconfiguring it with a handle and knob to make it both easier to use and better suited to rigorous work — there is no tool like it on the market. It will do the work associated with traditional inshaves and travishers.

The 1/8" (0.125") thick PM-V11 blade and carefully machined blade bed and cap iron all combine to produce chatterfree cutting. The blade bed angle is 45° and the sole radius is 3½". The ductile cast iron body is fitted with a large rear handle and a front knob; together they provide exceptional control and comfort. The twin adjustment thumb wheels quickly and accurately control the depth of cut.
Price: 135.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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