Veritas No. 4½ Smoothing Plane + PM-V11 Blade

Veritas No. 4 Smoothing Plane + PM-V11 Blade
Veritas No. 4½ Smoothing Plane + PM-V11 Blade

Product Reference: 05P2371

The Veritas smoothing plane introduces a completely new concept in bench planes, a frog that extends all the way to the sole of the plane. Not only is this the most effective design to reduce blade chatter (by providing complete blade support), but it allows a user to quickly adjust the mouth as required. It can be closed to a narrow slit for fine shavings with minimum tear-out, or opened for heavier cuts. All of this is done without having to remove the lever cap or anything else from the plane; simply loosen a pair of screws and dial the desired opening with a thumbwheel. The carefully machined fit between frog and sole makes the process fast and accurate.

The 2-7/8" x 10" ductile cast iron body (both more durable and more stable than grey iron) is fully stress relieved, machined, and surface ground on both the sides and sole for accuracy. The sole is guaranteed to be flat to 0.003" concave, never convex. The sides are square to the sole within 15 minutes (1/4°). The extra-large side sides make for very stable shooting.

The 2-3/8" wide PM-V11 blade is a full 1/8" thick. The thick blade, combined with the full-depth frog, virtually eliminates chatter under all conditions; you can even hear the difference while planing.

Both the hardwood front knob and tote are generous in size for a comfortable grip with good control. The combined feed and lateral adjust lever make blade setting easy and accurate.

At just over 5 lb, this has the mass needed for an effective smoother. The net effect of all these improvements is a new standard in plane design.

Price: 268.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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