Veritas Miniature Bench Plane

Veritas Miniature Bench Plane
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Veritas Miniature Bench PlaneVeritas Miniature Bench Plane

Product Reference: 05P8222

This 1/3 scale version of the small bevel-up smooth plane is only 3½" long and 13/16" wide.

Fully functional, it has a 5/8" wide A2 blade (0.06" thick) with a 25° bevel angle that, together with the 13° bed angle, provides an effective cutting angle of 38°. The stainless-steel Norris-style adjuster lets you set the blade with precision.

The body is made from investment-cast stainless steel and has a fixed mouth, machined sides and a ground sole. The front knob and rear tote are bubinga. Weighs about 2¼ oz.

With its classic shape and French-fitted embossed leatherette case, this plane makes a gift any woodworker will admire.

Made in Canada.

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Price: 45.85 (Including VAT at 20%)

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