Veritas Low-Angle Jack Plane + O1 Blade

Veritas Low-Angle Jack Plane + O1 Blade
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Veritas Low-Angle Jack Plane + O1 BladeVeritas Low-Angle Jack Plane + O1 BladeVeritas Low-Angle Jack Plane + O1 BladeVeritas Low-Angle Jack Plane + O1 Blade

Product Reference: 05P3451

The Veritas® low-angle jack plane is an exceptionally versatile plane. It excels at end grain work, is great for shooting, and also works well for smoothing. With the optional high-angle blade, it is also the answer for working difficult grain, making it a well-rounded workhorse.

Veritas have designated it as a 62½ because of its generous size, heavier weight, low center of gravity and radically set-back mouth. The plane is 15" long and weighs in at just under 6lb.

This is a "bevel-up" plane, with a 12° bed angle similar to a low-angle block plane. The 2¼" wide 25° blade is 3/16" (0.187") thick and made of O1 steel. The body is fully stress-relieved, ductile cast iron. It is accurately machined so that the sole is flat and the sides are square to the sole. The sheer mass of the plane, combined with the large side wialls, makes it both more stable and more effective than its predecessors. The specially shaped lever cap, together with the machined thumb recess on either side of the body, provides both comfort and excellent control when shooting.

The plane's adjustable mouth can be closed to a narrow slit for fine shavings with minimum tear-out or opened for heavier cuts. All of this can be done quickly and accurately with the front locking knob and the unique mouth adjustment screw. The large wooden front knob and rear handle provide a comfortable grip. The adjustment mechanism, with its combined feed and lateral adjustment knob, makes blade setting easy and accurate. The set screws on either side of the blade prevent it from shifting in use, but allow full lateral adjustment.

The optional high-angle blade enables this plane to excel at smoothing varying-grain woods.

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