Veritas Jointer/Edger

Veritas Jointer/Edger
Veritas Jointer/EdgerVeritas Jointer/Edger

Product Reference: 05M0701

This jointer/edger can be used on cabinet scrapers, scraper plane blades, handsaws and ski edges.

It has a 45° jointing capability as well as the standard 90°. The handle has a comfortable, ergonomic shape and the screws are designed so they can be tightened with a small coin (to accommodate skiers).

In the shop, it is invaluable for jointing scrapers and handsaws; the fence is relieved next to the file to accommodate tooth set. Anodized aluminium with solid brass screws. Use with a 6" or 8" mill file (not included).

Made in Canada.
Price: 13.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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