Veritas Bullnose Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade

Veritas Bullnose Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade
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Veritas Bullnose Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 BladeVeritas Bullnose Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 BladeVeritas Bullnose Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 BladeVeritas Bullnose Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade

Product Reference: 05P4271

The Veritas® bullnose shoulder plane, perfect for cleaning up machine-cut joints, will be one of the most useful hand joinery tools you'll ever own.

Designed for maximum versatility, it performs as either a bullnose or a chisel plane as required. Simply loosen the brass toe-locking knob to remove the toe piece for chisel plane configuration, and you can work right up to a blind corner. An adjustable set screw in the toe acts as a stop to accurately set the mouth opening. It also ensures that when switching between configurations the toe will be repositioned with the same mouth opening previously established and ensures that you will never accidentally jam the nose against the blade edge.

It measures 4¾" long by 1" wide and weighs just over 1¼ lb. The ductile cast iron body and toe are accurately machined and ground so that the sole and sides are flat and square. Shaped to fit comfortably in the hand, the low, broad lever cap meets the palm of your hand and your forefinger rests in the toe pocket, for maximum comfort and control. The through hole in the body adds to grip security. The plane's adjustable toe lets you narrow the mouth for very fine shavings with minimum tear-out.

The low bed angle of 15°, combined with the 25° blade bevel, results in a cutting angle of 40° for exceptional end-grain cutting performance. Set screws along the side enable you to accurately position the blade, and after sharpening replace it without lateral adjustment.

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