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Veritas Mk.II Honing Guide System
Ref: 05M09

The key to consistent and fast honing is repeatability - and this guide delivers it in spades. Whether you're a sharpening veteran or just starting out, this versatile guide lets you concentrate on sharpening without worrying about controlling blade angle at the same time. This makes your honing reliable, accurate and consistent. Three options let you choose the honing guide that best suits your work style and workshop needs.

A. Veritas® Mk.II Standard Honing Guide
The original Veritas standard Mk.II honing guide includes the standard clamping head, straight roller base and angle registration jig. It's the option most useful for woodworkers who mostly use planes and other wide blades. It accepts blades between 1/2" and 2-7/8" wide and up to 15/32" thick, including skew blades. It hones bevel angles from 15° to 54° and back bevels from 10° to 20°.

B. Veritas® Mk.II Narrow-Blade Honing Guide
For those who predominantly sharpen narrow blades, we offer a narrow-blade honing guide consisting of the narrow-blade clamping head, the standard roller base and the angle registration jig. It clamps blades from 1/8" to 1-1/2" wide using parallel jaws to ensure blades stay square to the jig. Whether they have bevelled or square edges, blades are kept centered and tight to the reference face of the jig by the canted jaws. It accepts bevel edged chisels up to 15/32" thick and square-edged chisels up to 11/32" thick, and hones bevel angles from 15° to 40° and back bevels from 10° to 20°.

C. Veritas® Mk.II Deluxe Honing Guide Set
The most versatile set, the deluxe honing guide set includes both the standard and narrow-blade clamping heads as well as the angle registration jig, a straight roller base and a camber roller base. Combined, the two clamping heads accept blades ranging from 1/8" to 2-7/8" wide. The completely predictable results this set offers for a wide variety of blades makes it useful in the workshop of any woodworker who works with hand tools.

The standard head uses a clamping bar that registers on the face of the blade. It accepts flat and tapered blades between 1/2" and 2-7/8" wide and up to 15/32" thick, including skew blades. It hones bevel angles from 15° to 54° and back bevels from 10° to 20°.

The narrow-blade head clamps blades from the sides with parallel jaws to ensure they stay square to the jig. The jaws are also canted to keep blades centered and tight to the reference face of the jig, whether they have bevelled or square edges - it will even hold chisels that are triangular in cross section. It accepts blades from 1/8" to 1-1/2" wide, holding bevel-edged chisels up to 15/32" thick and square-edged blades up to 11/32" thick. It hones bevel angles from 15° to 40° and back bevels from 10° to 20°.

The interchangeable rollers attach to the clamping heads with a single thumbscrew. The eccentric axle mount lets you add a micro-bevel to any angle setting with a simple turn of a knob. The straight roller hones straight edges. At 2" wide, it provides a stable base for even the narrowest of blades. The barrel-shaped camber roller lets you rock the guide slightly to hone a slight curve or camber into a blade edge, eliminating blade tracks when planing.

Offering an impressive range of angle settings, the integral blade angle registration jig squares the blade and sets the bevel angle in one easy step. A scale and sighting mark help center blades when using the standard head; the narrow-blade head is self-centering. Once the blade is clamped, the jig slides off the guide.

The optional Veritas Skew Registration Jig locks into the Mk.II honing guide to make quick work of setting both skew and bevel angles (left- or right-hand) of chisel and plane blades.

The jig's machined aluminum base provides skew angle markings that are laser etched for accuracy and legibility. The skew angle graduations cover the range of 10° to 45° in 5° increments, and there are additional marks (18°, 22°, 28°) to cover the angles of popular skew plane blades.

The base has four distinct tracks providing four bevel angle settings: 20°, 25°, 30°, and 35°. (The honing guide's eccentric roller allows variation from these angles for creating a micro-bevel.) The unique sliding fence with blade stop allows you to match an existing skew angle visually - even if it is non-standard.

Prices include VAT

Veritas Mk.II Honing Guide System


Veritas Mk.II Standard Honing Guide Set (A)  47.62
Veritas Mk.II Narrow-Blade Honing Guide Set (B)  72.66
Veritas Mk.II Deluxe Honing Guide Set (C)  104.40
Veritas Mk.II Narrow-Blade Head only (D)  40.67
Veritas Mk.II Camber Roller Assembly (E)  19.60
Veritas Mk.II Skew Registration Jig (F)  27.04

Mortise Chisel Adapter for Veritas Mk.II Narrow-Blade Honing Guide
Ref: 05M0912

This adapter for the Mk.II honing guide expands its blade-holding capacity to allow consistent, accurate honing of mortise chisels. It increases the space between the roller base and the blade carrier to accommodate the thicker blades of mortise chisels, holding blades up to 11/16" thick.

Compatible with the narrow-blade clamping heads, the adapter is configured so that the angle registration jig will yield the correct bevel angle in the 30° to 35° range typical of mortise chisels. Cast from a zinc-aluminum alloy.

Made in Canada.

Please note that this item does not include any part of the honing guide system.

Price incl VAT 

Price: 8.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Mortise Chisel Adapter for Veritas Mk.II Narrow-Blade Honing Guide


Veritas Steel Honing Plate
Ref: 05M4001

Measures 204 x 76 x 9.5mm, weighs 1.1kg.

Precision-ground to flatness tolerance of 0.127mm (0.005").

An excellent substrate for diamond paste (available separately).

Made of dimensionally stable low-carbon steel to retain its flatness. Surface pattern helps capture diamond grit without compromising flatness.

Can be glued to a backing board for ease of handling and storage.

Made in Canada

Price incl VAT 

DMT Dia-Paste can be purchased online. Please click here.

Price: 21.70 (Including VAT at 20%)

Veritas Steel Honing Plate


Lapping Kit
Ref: VM0101

Silicon carbide is ideal for flattening oil and water stones or lapping plane bottoms and blades.

Just sprinkle the grit on a piece of glass or a steel lapping plate, add a shot of oil or water (as required), and lap the item flat. This fast and easy process lets you keep all of your stones dead flat.

90x is used for most applications, while the finer grits are used to put a silky finish on plane bottoms or blades.

Available as a 4 oz container of 90x (enough grit to lap dozens of stones and plane bottoms) or as a kit of five 2 oz containers of 90x, 180x, 280x, 400x and 600x and instructions.

Prices in VAT

Lapping Kit


Lapping Kit
Veritas Lapping Kit:90x Silican Carbide 4oz container - VM2401  5.27
Veritas Lapping Kit Set of five 2 oz containers - VM0101a  20.15

Veritas Grinder Tool Rest
Ref: 05M2301

The major weakness of most bench grinders is that the tool rests are virtually useless. It is nearly impossible to find one with a rest that is solid and square.

The Veritas® Grinder Tool Rest can be used with 6" or 8" utility bench grinders and many belt sanders/grinders. It mounts directly to the bench in front of the grinder and can be readily folded out of the way for freehand grinding.

The 4" wide table straddles wheels up to 1" wide. It is grooved for sliding jigs and center drilled for rotating jigs. The slotted arms allow a wide range of angular and height adjustments. Spring-loaded gyratory handles lock it solidly in position and can be rotated out of the way after locking. You can easily move it from one grinder to another or quickly remove it from the bench.

Accurately machined, anodized aluminum construction. It is completely compatible with the Veritas Grinding Jig (VM0601) and Skew-Grinding Jig (VN1301).

Included is an angle-setting gauge to set the table to the common bevel angles of 20, 25, 30 and 35.

Price incl VAT 

Price: 40.42 (Including VAT at 20%)

Veritas Grinder Tool Rest


Veritas Grinding Jig
Ref: 05M0601

The grinding jig works with any power or hand grinder that has a tool rest.

Put a tool in the jig, slide it against the alignment pin and one clamping thumbscrew to square it, adjust the blade projection for bevel angle, and tighten in place. The tool is now held squarely in the jig at the chosen bevel angle. Slide the jig back and forth across the tool rest and stone face to sharpen the tool.

The back plate is offset for short chisels, such as Japanese or western butt chisels. The brass clamping bolts have nylon washers to prevent galling; other parts are made from hard aluminum, further hardened by anodizing to prevent wear. High-friction pads ensure solid clamping without inadvertent misalignment.

The jig fits in the slot of the Veritas® Grinder Tool Rest (VM2301); the riding ledges adapt it to other tool rests.

Price: 20.09 (Including VAT at 20%)

Veritas Grinding Jig


Special Offer - Grinder Tool Rest & Grinding Jig
Ref: VM2301/0601

Grinder Tool Rest (VM2301 + Grinding Jig (VM0601)

Price: 59.57 (Including VAT at 20%)

Special Offer - Grinder Tool Rest & Grinding Jig


Veritas Bevel Gauge
Ref: 05K0901

Half the secret of sharpening is the control of blade geometry.

Nothing is handier than a bevel gauge for quickly checking the grind angle of chisels, plane blades, turning tools, etc. A quick check confirms the angle last used for grinding or honing so that the edge geometry can be maintained.

Our bevel gauge has seven individual slots that will measure the most commonly used angles from 15° to 45° in 5° increments. Your eye is a fine instrument; it can easily interpolate other angles in the range, angles like 24° or 26°.

The slots on the gauge are about 3/4" deep for good registration. The pocket-sized disc is 2-1/2" in diameter with a centre hole for hanging it on a nail.

Made of solid brass, which will not damage a honed edge. 

Price: 7.19 (Including VAT at 20%)

Veritas Bevel Gauge



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