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Woodworking Planes

There are many mass produced woodworking planes out there and most of these now originate from China or India. If all you need is a woodworking plane to use once every year or so then maybe that is the route you should take as there are considerable savings to be made. However be prepared to spend quite a lot of time getting the plane to work as you would like. If you have an old Stanley, Record or Marples plane but with a worn out blade then be thankful that Ron Hock and others make perfectly good (if not better) replacement blades so you can bring your plane back to life. If best quality is your guiding principle and you need woodworking planes that will last you a lifetime then consider our selection below. The list excludes the likes of Karl Holtey, Clark & Williams, Bill Carter & Phil Edwards and other fine bespoke makers (some of whom will join us at our woodworking shows) but it is still the best choice available from a UK retailer.

We also get occasional requests for good secondhand woodworking tools and we are happy to discuss your requirements (or purchase if you have any to sell).

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