Veritas Miniature Bench PlaneVeritas Miniature Bench Plane
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Veritas Miniature Bench Plane
This 1/3 scale version of the Veritas small bevel-up smooth plane is only 3½" long and 13/16" wide. Fully functional, it has a 5/8" wide A2 blade (0.06" thick) with a 25° bevel angle that, together with the 13° bed angle, provides an effective cutting angle of 38°. The stainless-steel Norris-style adjuster lets you set the blade with precision. The body is made from investment-cast stainless...
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Veritas Miniature Bevel-Up Jack PlaneVeritas Miniature Bevel-Up Jack Plane
Veritas Miniature Bevel-Up Jack Plane
This fully functional 1:3-scale version of Veritas' low-angle jack plane is the latest in their line of miniature tools. At 5" long and almost 1" wide, it weighs just over 4 oz, a useful size for fine trimming work. It has a 3/4" wide A2 blade with a 25° bevel angle and a 13° bed angle. The stainless-steel Norris-style adjuster lets you set the blade with precision. The body is made from investment-cast...
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Veritas Miniature Cabinet ScraperVeritas Miniature Cabinet Scraper
Veritas Miniature Cabinet Scraper
This cabinet scraper is the latest addition to Veritas' line of fully functional miniature tools. At about 1/3 the scale of the full-size tool, it measures 3-13/16" wide overall and weighs about 1-1/2 oz. Its small size allows fine control when smoothing surfaces. The 15/16" wide blade, made of spring steel and ground at a 45° angle, is held at a consistent depth and angle. A thumbscrew lets...
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Veritas Miniature Edge Plane
Veritas Miniature Edge Plane
A 1/3-scale version of the current Veritas iron edge plane, which is the third-generation design of a model they first produced in 1986, this is a fully functional miniature. Useful for fine trimming work on thin stock up to 3/8" thick, such as with small-scale boxes or maquettes, it fits the hand well, making it easy to control under fingertip pressure. The 2-3/8" long body and lever cap are...
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Veritas Miniature Low Angle Block Plane
Veritas Miniature Low Angle Block Plane
This version of the Veritas low-angle block plane is about a third the size of the original. At just under 2½" long and ¾" wide, it is a useful size for small-scale work or where a larger plane would be difficult to use. The low 12° bed angle combined with the 25° blade bevel gives it a cutting angle of 37°, making it also suitable for end-grain use. The stainless-steel Norris-style adjuster...
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Veritas Miniature Plough Plane
Veritas Miniature Plough Plane
The Veritas Miniature Plough Plane is an intriguing gift for any woodworker, this is a 1/3 scale working model of the popular Veritas small plough plane. It is only 3" long and weighs less than 3 oz. Made from investment-cast and machined steel, it has a wooden tote and a 3/32" A2 wide blade for cutting slots. The fence is adjustable for offset. Made in Canada, it comes in a French-fitted...
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Veritas Miniature RouterVeritas Miniature Router
Veritas Miniature Router
This 75mm wide router plane not only looks like its full-size counterpart, it works like it too. Comfortable to hold and manoeuvre, it is ideal for hardware installation, fine inlay or intarsia work. It comes with a 3.2mm wide A2 tool-steel blade (hardened to HRC 60-62), positioned inboard for standard use or outboard for true bullnose work. The carefully machined stainless steel body has a ground...
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Veritas Miniature Shoulder Plane
Veritas Miniature Shoulder Plane
Weighing a mere 1.7 oz and measuring 2-1/2" long by 1/4" wide, this miniature version of the Veritas medium shoulder plane was developed out of a desire to test the limitations of their materials, design, and manufacturing processes (not to mention the patience of their engineers!). Despite its diminutive size, it is fully functional and remarkably effective for fine trimming or cleaning the bottoms...
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Veritas Miniature Spokeshave
Veritas Miniature Spokeshave
This spokeshave is the latest addition to the Veritas line of fully functional miniature tools. At less than an ounce and only 3½" long overall, it is a third the size of their regular flat-bottomed spokeshave, and is useful for making fine shaping cuts where a full-sized tool would be too bulky or awkward to use. Made of investment-cast stainless steel, the low-profile body (9/16" tall) has...
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Veritas Detail Palm PlanesVeritas Detail Palm Planes
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Veritas Detail Palm Planes
With a height-adjustable palm rest for better in-hand registration, these miniature planes are easily maneuvered and permit fine, controlled cuts. The investment-cast steel body has a 45° bed angle and a fixed mouth, and uses a brass retention screw to secure the included 30° bevel A2 tool steel blade (0.06" thick by 3/8" wide). The soles are approximately 1½" long by 5/8" wide and are available...
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