Veritas Jack Rebate Plane with PM-V11 Blade
Veritas Jack Rebate Plane with PM-V11 Blade
This Veritas Jack Rebate plane cuts large-scale rebating down to size. The body is 385mm long and the blade extends the full width (57mm) of the body. It is suitable for very large rebates and fielded or bevelled panels. The long sole and substantial mass help ensure accuracy. The 4.8mm thick bevel-up blade makes right or left-handed corner cuts cleanly and accurately. Adjustable scoring spurs...
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Veritas Bullnose Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade
Veritas Bullnose Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade
The Veritas® bullnose shoulder plane, perfect for cleaning up machine-cut joints, will be one of the most useful hand joinery tools you'll ever own. Designed for maximum versatility, it performs as either a bullnose or a chisel plane as required. Simply loosen the brass toe-locking knob to remove the toe piece for chisel plane configuration, and you can work right up to a blind corner. An adjustable...
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Veritas Small Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade
Veritas Small Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade
Designed to seat nicely in the hand, the smallest Veritas shoulder plane is easily controlled using a one-handed grip. The lever cap wraps around the rear of the body, shrouding the blade adjustment mechanism so it does not obstruct the grip while acting as a comfortable rest for the palm. The through-hole and textured recesses cast into the side of the body provide grip points for fingers. The...
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Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 BladeVeritas Medium Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade
Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade
The shoulder plane (a specialized rebate plane) is the ultimate tool for trimming a joint to a perfect fit. There is no better plane for trimming the shoulder of a tenon to perfection or for rebating work. The Veritas® medium shoulder plane is proportioned for versatility; it measures 7" long by 0.700" wide and weighs 2 lb. The ductile cast iron body is accurately machined and ground so that...
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Veritas Large Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 BladeVeritas Large Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade
Veritas Large Shoulder Plane + PM-V11 Blade
The Veritas® large shoulder plane (a specialized rabbet plane) is the latest and largest in our line of shoulder planes. Its size and mass make it perfect for trimming breadboard tenons, adjusting shoulders, or even paring down tenon cheeks. At 8¼" long, 1¼" wide and weighing 3¾ lb, it brings both authority and precision to larger work. The ductile cast iron body is accurately machined and ground...
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Veritas Detail Rabbet PlaneVeritas Detail Rabbet Plane
Veritas Detail Rabbet Plane
The detail rebate plane is primarily useful for small trimming tasks. It is handy for getting into tight spaces, especially cleaning up the bottom of dados or grooves. The plane’s body is ductile cast iron, 75mm long, accurately machined and ground. The sides are flat and square, allowing you to use the plane on its side for trimming tenons. The low 15-degree bed angle combined with the 30-degree...
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Veritas Skew Block PlaneVeritas Skew Block Plane
Veritas Skew Block Plane
The Veritas Skew Block Plane is a versatile plane that excels at trimming rebates and planing end grain. Of course, you can also use it as a normal block plane. Its Norris-style adjuster guarantees precise blade setting. Machined and surface ground, the 162 x 44mm body is ductile cast iron. It has a 12° bed angle and a movable toe fully enclosed by the body casting. A Bubinga knob locks the toe...
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Veritas Skew RabbetVeritas Skew Rabbet
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Veritas Skew Rabbet
Like the Stanley #289 that inspired it, it is configured with a blade skewed at a 30° angle to reduce cut resistance, aid in shaving clearance, and help pull the fence tight against the workpiece. Because the blade sits flush with the side of the plane body, corner cuts are clean and accurate. Adjustable in two axes (vertical and horizontal) for depth and projection, the scoring spur sits...
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Veritas Side Rabbet Plane
Veritas Side Rabbet Plane
The Veritas Side Rabbet Plane is used for cleaning up or trimming sidewalls of rabbets, dadoes or grooves to yield a perfect fit with its mate. It has a practical dual-blade configuration, coupled with an ingenious pivoting handle that permits right- or left-hand use to accommodate grain direction. The thin sole functions much like a skate, allowing use in slots as narrow as 3/16" and to a depth...
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Lie-Nielsen Small Shoulder Plane
Lie-Nielsen Small Shoulder Plane
This is the smallest of the Lie-Nielsen "Preston style" shoulder planes, 5/8" wide, 5 3/4" long. The blade is 0.140" thick, and the tool weighs 1.35 lbs. With an adjustable mouth like its larger siblings, this tool is just right for trimming and fitting small tenons, dadoes and rebates. !!!!
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Lie-Nielsen Medium Shoulder Plane
Lie-Nielsen Medium Shoulder Plane
A improved version of the now discontinued Record 042. This plane is 3/4" wide and weighs 2.35 lbs. The body is 9¼" long, with a 3/4" x .140" thick blade. This is an elegant tool for trimming and fitting tenons, dados and rebates. !!!!
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Lie-Nielsen No.073 Large Shoulder Plane
Lie-Nielsen No.073 Large Shoulder Plane
A versatile, general purpose Shoulder Plane with nice heft and the best size to start with. This all-metal Shoulder Plane is based on the Record 073, which in turn was based on a Preston model. The Bronze lever cap is higher for better grip and closer to the blade bevel for better support. The mouth geometry allows for better chip clearance, while the adjustable mouth and locking screws are large...
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