Gransfors Bruk Large Carving Axe 475Gransfors Bruk Large Carving Axe 475
Gransfors Bruk Large Carving Axe 475
A chop axe for hewing bowls and other wooden objects, artistic wood carving and architectural work. The characteristic curved shape of the cutting edge, carried well above the head’s eye, the position of the edge in proportion to the handle, the rather thick bit and the big angle of the wide beveled face makes the axe a good carving tool. You "cut on the beveled face" with curved movements. This...
£155.00 inc VAT
Pfeil Hatchet
Pfeil Hatchet
The Pfeil Hatchet is forged from quality steel. Overall length 460mm (about 18") Weight 1300gms with cutting edge of 140mm.
£107.00 inc VAT

Pfeil Sculptor's HatchetPfeil Sculptor's Hatchet
Pfeil Sculptor's Hatchet
The Pfeil Sculptor's Hatchet is a small hatchet which is very handy and easy to guide. With leather edge protector. Overall length 280mm (about 11") Weight 550gms with cutting edge of 80mm.
£119.50 inc VAT