Pfeil Carving Tools

Pfeil Tools - From a one-man business to a respected manufacturer of cutting tools

The company was founded in 1902 as a producer of cutting tools in Langenthal (Switzerland), where Pfeil are still based today. Back then Pfeil mainly produced professional cutting tools and surgical instruments. 

Production of the first carving tools began in 1942. Within a short space of time, the high quality of the tools proved extremely popular, not only among professional carvers, but also among amateurs and schools in Switzerland and abroad.

Pfeil - The "Green" factory at Langenthal

Pfeil are making every effort to actively protect the environment. Vital resources like water, air and energy are used sparingly and as effectively as possible. Investments in facilities for water treatment and recycling of production waste optimise their manufacturing process. All the wood waste is used to generate heat. This approach to their manufacturing underpins their manufacturing ethos to meet stringent requirements in terms of quality, ecology and sustainability. Pfeil woodcarving tools have an enviable reputation around the world.  

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