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Pfeil Sculpture Tools Pfeil Sculpture Tools

Very large chisels & gouges
Pfeil Medium Size Carving Tools Pfeil Medium Size Carving Tools

The "D" range for smaller hands.
Individual tools & sets.
Pfeil Full Size Carving Tools Pfeil Full Size Carving Tools

Straight Chisels, Skews & Gouges
Fishtail Chisels & Gouges
Long Bent Gouges & Spoon Gouges
"V" Parting Tools
Macaroni, Fluteroni, Dog Leg
and more.
Pfeil Adzes & Axes Pfeil Adzes & Axes
Pfeil adzes & axes are forged from high-grade tool
steel. The blades are hardened and
sharpened and they have an Ash handle.
The adze is used to hew posts and beams
in traditional carpentry and today the adze
is also used by sculptors, boatbuilders,
and chairmakers.
Pfeil Chisels Pfeil Chisels
Pfeil Drawknives & Scorp Pfeil Drawknives & Scorp
Offset handled drawknife with 4" cutting
edge, straight handled drawknife with
10" cutting edge and scorp.
Pfeil Burnishers Pfeil Burnishers
Round, Oval and Triangle
Mallets Mallets
Pfeil Sharpening & Tool Accessories  Pfeil Sharpening & Tool Accessories

Arkansas Sets,
Honing Oil,
Aprons, Chisel Rolls.
Pfeil Lino & Block Cutting Tools Pfeil Lino & Block Cutting Tools

Palm Carving Tools
Lino & Block Cutting Tools
Pfeil Carving & Detail Knives Pfeil Carving & Detail Knives

Individual Carving Knives
Knife Sets
Chip Carving Knives
Abegglen Detail Knives
Pfeil Shoulder Knives Pfeil Shoulder Knives
Shoulder Knives available
with either straight or
curved edge.
Pfeil Marking Knives Pfeil Marking Knives
Woodcarvers Background Punches Woodcarvers Background Punches
Pfeil Woodcarvers Sets Pfeil Woodcarvers Sets

A choice of 8, 11, 12 or 25 full size
tool aets 6, 12 or 18 piece smaller
size tool sets.
Lino & Block Cutting Sets.
Pfeil Musical Instrument Tools Pfeil Musical Instrument Tools

All instrument maker's tools are made of
high-alloy carbon steel. The blades are
razor share, ready to use. Plum handles
with brass ferrules.
Pfeil Spoon Carving Pfeil Spoon Carving

Spoon Knives
Half Rounds and Rounds
in both small and large
Pfeil Leather Working Tools Pfeil Leather Working Tools

Half Moon Knives
Edge Trimming Planes

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