Pfeil Curved AdzePfeil Curved Adze
Pfeil Curved Adze
The Pfeil Curved Adze, forged from quality steel, is available in Standard and Small: Standard: Length 460mm (18”), cutting edge 95mm (3¾"), weight 1100g. Small: Length 280mm (11”), cutting edge 50mm (2”), weight 600g. Please be aware that these do not come pre-sharpened.
£113.50 inc VAT
Pfeil Straight AdzePfeil Straight Adze
Pfeil Straight Adze
The Pfeil Straight Adze is forged from quality steel and comes in two sizes: Standard: length 460mm (18”), cutting edge 80mm (3”), weight 1kg Small: length 280mm (11”), cutting edge 50mm (2”), weight 500g Please be aware that these do not come pre-sharpened.
from £101.00 inc VAT

Pfeil Sculpture's AdzePfeil Sculpture's Adze
Pfeil Sculpture's Adze
The Pfeil Sculptor's Adzes follow old French designs. Available with Straight, Curved or Round blades, these tools are forged from quality tool steel, hardened and sharpened with Hickory handles. Straight: Overall length 450mm (about 18"). Weight 800gms. Cutting edge of 65mm. Curved: Overall length 450mm (about 18") Weight 850gms. Cutting edge of 60mm. Round: Overall...
£113.50 inc VAT
Pfeil Hatchet
Pfeil Hatchet
The Pfeil Hatchet is forged from quality steel. Overall length 460mm (about 18") Weight 1300gms with cutting edge of 140mm.
£107.00 inc VAT

Pfeil Sculptor's HatchetPfeil Sculptor's Hatchet
Pfeil Sculptor's Hatchet
The Pfeil Sculptor's Hatchet is a small hatchet which is very handy and easy to guide. With leather edge protector. Overall length 280mm (about 11") Weight 550gms with cutting edge of 80mm.


£119.50 inc VAT