Pfeil Marking KnivesPfeil Marking Knives
Pfeil Marking Knives
The Pfeil Marking Knife is bevelled on both edges. The blade can be guided on either the left or right side of a straight edge for precise scribing. The handle is oiled Bubinga, and the blade is K720 steel, hardened to RC 61. Standard: Blade length is 40mm. Overall length is 180mm. Small: Blade length is 34mm. Overall length is 160mm.
£19.50 inc VAT
Pfeil Marking Knives - Single BevelPfeil Marking Knives - Single Bevel
Pfeil Marking Knives - Single Bevel
The Pfeil Marking Knife is available with a bevel on just one edge, Lefthanded or Righthanded. Oiled Bubinga handle, K720 steel blade. Hardness RC 61° Lefthanded or Righthanded: Blade length is 45mm. Overall length is 150mm.
£23.50 inc VAT

Pfeil Violin Maker's Knives
Pfeil Violin Maker's Knives
Pfeil Violin Maker's Knives are easy to resharpen because the special steel is hardened all the way through. These have a double bevel.
£12.50 inc VAT