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Pfeil Large Fishtail Sculpture Tools

Pfeil Large Fishtail Sculpture Tools
Pfeil Large Fishtail Sculpture ToolsPfeil Large Fishtail Sculpture Tools

Product Reference: PFEILFS

Tools used for working on large pieces, with a Hornbeam handle, ergonomic design and heavy duty ferrules.

Prices include VAT

The 1/80mm and 3/50mm gouges are currently unavailable. Please call us on 01473 784983 or send us an email to sales@classichandtools.com to be added to our waiting list
Price depends on product choices below:

1/50 Series 1 (flat) 50mm wide PFEILFS1/5072.00
1/60 Series 1 (flat) 60mm wide PFEILFS1/6078.00
2/50 Series 2 50mm wide PFEILFS2/5076.80
2/60 Series 2 60mm wide PFEILFS2/6084.00
3/60 Series 3 60mm wide PFEILFS3/6084.00
5/50 Series 5 50mm wide PFEILFS5/5076.80
5/60 Series 5 60mm wide PFEILFS5/6088.80
7/50 Series 7 50mm wide PFEILFS7/5081.60
7/60 Series 7 60mm wide PFEILFS7/6090.00
8/50 Series 8 50mm wide PFEILFS8/5081.60
8/60 Series 8 60mm wide PFEILFS8/6093.60
9/50 Series 9 50mm wide PFEILFS9/5096.00

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