Pfeil Chip Carving Knife - Fuchsmesser

Pfeil Chip Carving Knife - Fuchsmesser
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Pfeil Chip Carving Knife - Fuchsmesser

Product Reference: PFEIL-Kerb12

Pfeil Chjp Carving Knives come in a variety of shapes, this one is a Kerb 12 also known as Fuchmesser.

The most popular Pfeil knife for one-handed carving on small objects where the small piece of wood is held in one hand and the knife is used with the other hand. Compared to the Kerb 1 it has a curved blade which is not suitable for chip carving but which runs easily through the wood for rougher cutting.

Fine cherry wood handles, shaped to correspond to the use of the knife.

Blade length 55mm

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