Robert Sorby Sovereign Handles and Optional Extras

There a several optional extras with the Sovereign System.

The Sovereign handles will take any tool with a 5/8" shank but using the collets (Sovereign System) you immediately increase your versatility as you can now accept other shank sizes (Note: American-made tools are measured by bar diameter whilst European brands are measured by flute size. Hence the 3/8" collet is designed for a European ¼" gouge, and the ½" collet for a 3/8" gouge whilst the ½" gouge will fit directly into the handle).

Whilst the handles are beautiful balanced some turners like a bit of extra weight for control and hence there is a counterweight to fit both handles.

For extra control a side handle is also offered. This can be used either on the side or top of the tool in use.

For those requiring an even longer handle there is also a threaded coupler which enables the turner to fit two handles together for extra leverage.

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