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Robert Sorby Pro-Edge Abrasive Belts

Central to the Pro-Edge is an abrasive belt which is a quick and efficient method of putting a keen edge on each and every tool. The cool running belt avoids any overheating. The Pro-Edge comes complete with aluminium oxide and zirconium belts.

Also available are three Trizact belts for sharpening and finishing all types of knife. A Trizact structured belt is different to other abrasive belts. Being arranged in an open form the abrasive allows for a rapid cut, with greater resistance to clogging which in turn means much less friction creating a cooler cut and extended belt life. These belts are also suitable for sharpening high speed steel turning tools and carbon steel edge and carving tools.

Diamond Belt - offering the pinnacle in abrasive technology. Providing both the flexibility of standard cloth belts with the durability and fast cutting action of plated diamond wheels. The diamond particles are precisely graded providing a long life solution for the sharpening of the most difficult of materials. Due to the hardness of the diamond abrasive grain, outstanding results can be achieved with tungsten carbide, ceramic, glass and natural stone and many other resistant materials. Invest in one of these belts and their longevity and versatility will benefit you a lifetime.

Belts are the only parts that need to be replaced.

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Robert Sorby Pro-Edge Abrasive Belts


Aluminium Oxide 60 grit Sharpening Belt  2.99
Aluminium Oxide 120 grit Sharpening Belt  2.99
Aluminium Oxide 240 grit Sharpening Belt  2.99
Zirconium 60 grit Sharpening Belt  3.40
Zirconium 120 grit Sharpening Belt  3.40
Ceramic 60 grit Sharpening Belt  5.16
Ceramic Oxide 120grit Sharpening Belt  5.16
Trizact A30 Belt (approx 600 grit)  10.66
Trizact A16 Belt (approx 1200 grit)  10.66
Trizact A6 Belt (approx 3000 grit)  10.66



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