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Robert Sorby Woodturning Tool Sets

Great value sets that make great gifts & contain essential tools for beginners and practised woodturners alike. Here we present the 6 piece beginners set, the midi sized set & the pen turning set. All sets are boxed.

Robert Sorby 6 Piece Turning Tool Set
Ref: RS-67HS

Beginners 6 Piece Woodturning Set

The ultimate full size, all round woodturning set. Perfect for the beginner for any type of turning from bowls to spindles. These 6 tools are also essential for the more experienced turner.

* 3/4" Roughing Tool
* 1/8" Parting Tool
* 3/8" Bowl Gouge
* 3/8" Spindle Gouge
* 3/4" Oval Skew
* 1/2" Round Nose Scraper

A great starting point for your woodturning career and an unbeatable price. 

Price: 227.65 (Including VAT at 20%)

Robert Sorby 6 Piece Turning Tool Set


Robert Sorby Woodturning Tool Set
Ref: RS-45HS

Ideal for small projects such as model making or dolls house furniture.

A 5 piece set comprising 1/4" Spindle Gouge, 1/8" Spindle Gouge, 1/4" Round Nose Scraper, 1/4" Skew Chisel and 1/16" Parting Tool.

The tools have an overall length of 10".

Price inc VAT 

Price: 119.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Robert Sorby Woodturning Tool Set


Robert Sorby Captive Ring Tool Set
Ref: RS-805HS

This set of Robert Sorby Captive Ring Tools comes with tips capable of producing 3/16", ¼", 3/8", and ½" rings. These can be used on the stems or spindles of projects or may be used in their own right as items of jewellery, napkin rings, curtain ring or even wheels.

The set enables the turner to cut rings of the four above mentioned sizes with just one tool simply by switching over the tips. The tips themselves are finely honed to ensure a clean cut ever time. Further help is given by the inclusion of comprehensive user instructions.

Sharpening is easily completed by simply honing with a diamond file or hone.

Price incl VAT 

Price: 55.31 (Including VAT at 20%)

Robert Sorby Captive Ring Tool Set



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