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Robert Sorby TurnMaster Cutters

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide

Makes light work of the tough materials and is an extremely hard wearing and long lasting material. Although designed as a throwaway item it can be sharpened on specialist equipment such as Robert Sorby's ProEdge when fitted with a diamond belt. (Made much easier with the aid of the Tip Holder, RSTM-TH).

Sharpens to 0.7 microns
Hardness: 90 RC
Material: Micro Grade Tungsten Carbide
High Speed Steel (HSS)

High Speed Steel (HSS)

This super fine grain structure will provide a razor sharp edge. The result is a superior finish to your turning projects and less need for sanding. Can easily be sharpened on traditional sharpening machines such as bench grinders or on the Robert Sorby ProEdge. (Made much easier with the aid of the Tip Holder, RSTM-TH).

Sharpens to 0.2-0.4 microns
Hardness: 62 RC
Material: M2 HSS
Titanium Nitride (TiN) plasma bonded coating

Titanium Nitride (TiN) plasma bonded coating

TiN is bonded onto quality HSS. It provides the same advantages as HSS whilst enhancing the cutting life close to that of Tungsten Carbide. Use the same traditional sharpening equipment used for HSS.

Sharpens to 0.15-0.2 microns
Hardness of coating: up to 85 RC
Material: Titanium Nitride on M2 HSS

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