Robert Sorby Texturing Tool 310H

Robert Sorby Texturing Tool 310H
Robert Sorby Texturing Tool 310H

Product Reference: RS-310H

This Robert Sorby Texturing Tool is a remarkable adaptation of an engineer's knurling tool. It consists of a handle, blade and a double bevelled texturing cutter with integral bearing.

It can be used to create unique effects that alter the tactile and visual qualities of your bowls, hollow forms, goblets or boxes perfect for adding that individual mark to your work. Orange peel, striated and ribbed patterns are possible using this tool. Some of these effects are subtle some are very coarse and aggressive depending on the angle of the cutter as it makes contact with the work and the pressure applied. The effects vary considerably depending on the type of wood used and whether it is spindle, bowl or end grain work.

Further variations are possible with the application of dyes, liming waxes and flame scorching, all of which create interesting contrasts.

Full instructions included.
Price: 78.89 (Including VAT at 20%)

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