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Robert Sorby Specialist Turning Tools

Robert Sorby have a range of exclusive products that have been researched and designed over many years consultation with turners throughout the world. We present a comprehensive selection here including:-
The Spiralling & Texturing Tools
The Chattertool
Thread Cutters
Multi-Tip Hollowing
The Hollowmaster

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Robert Sorby

If the tool you needed is not listed below we are happy to order it in for you.
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Robert Sorby Texturing Tool: RS-310H
Ref: RS-310H

This is a remarkable adaptation of an engineer's knurling tool. It consists of a handle, blade and a double bevelled texturing cutter with integral bearing. It can be used to create unique effects that alter the tactile and visual qualities of your bowls, hollow forms, goblets or boxes perfect for adding that individual mark to your work. Orange peel, striated and ribbed patterns are possible using this tool. Some of these effects are subtle some are very coarse and aggressive depending on the angle of the cutter as it makes contact with the work and the pressure applied. The effects vary considerably depending on the type of wood used and whether it is spindle, bowl or end grain work.

Further variations are possible with the application of dyes, liming waxes and flame scorching, all of which create interesting contrasts.

Full instructions included.

Price: 75.92 (Including VAT at 20%)

Robert Sorby Texturing Tool: RS-310H


Robert Sorby Spiralling System
Ref: RS-330

The Robert Sorby Spiralling System is a further development of the texturing tool and is used to create both left and right handed spirals with ease. It features an innovative rest with indexed reference positions, which enable the replication of the spirals. Different pitch and twist profiles are made possible by altering the presentation angle of the cutter or by changing the cutter.

The texturing tool forms part of this system plus the 2mm, 4mm and 6mm spiralling cutters and a graduated rest (5mm spiralling cutters are also available as optional extras).

Prices Include VAT 

Robert Sorby Spiralling System


Robert Sorby Spiralling System  174.96
Robert Sorby 5mm Spiralling Cutter RS-350/05  36.05

Robert Sorby Chattertool
Ref: RS-215KT

Chattertool patterns add a neat, random decoration on end grain like box lids. These are created by using the Robert Sorby chattertool which comes with two different double-ended chattering tips and a handy scraper cutter. One chattertool tip (RS220) has a straight and a pointed end, the second (RS221) has a convex and a concave half-round end.

Chatter patterns are created by causing the spring steel tips to vibrate against the wood and can be altered by altering these variables:
- the type of wood
- whether working on, below or above centre
- the speed of the lathe
- the amount the tip extends from the chattertool
- the shape of the chattertool tip

This random nature enables the turner to produce some exquisite, yet unique decorations. Such decorations can enhance even the blandest of wood.
The scraper cutter is teardrop shaped and so has three very different shaped working faces to make it a highly versatile addition to the tool kit.

Full instructions included.

Price include VAT 

Price: 64.51 (Including VAT at 20%)

Robert Sorby Chattertool


Robert Sorby Spindlemaster
Ref: RS-812H

The spindlemaster will create beads & coves as well as planing and trimming end grain.

Taming the skew is perhaps the most common of problems encountered by the woodturner. The digs-ins which ensue from incorrect presentation cause many turners to avoid using the skew chisels and consequently reduce their skills and limit their opportunities of turning between centres. The new Spindlemaster does away with this problem. Its design is flat on one surface, and oval on the other makes dig-ins a thing of the past. It is easy to use for even the least experienced turner. In addition to doing the regular planing job of the skew chisel, the Spindlemaster will also cut both beads and coves with the greatest ease. Because of its design - the wood is almost polished and so it gives a fine finish every time. That is a particular advantage when working on soft woods like pine which normally leaves a very coarse finish.

The Spindlemaster is ideal for small projects like boxes and rattles, and works just as effectively on large pieces like bedposts and staircase spindles. If you have reservations about using a skew chisel, the Spindlemaster is the answer.

It is also available in micro size for those miniature or small projects like finials, pens, lace bobbins. The Micro Spindlemaster has a 1/2" blade and the short blade & handle allow for great control.

Prices include VAT 

Robert Sorby Spindlemaster


Robert Sorby Spindlemaster
1/2" Spindlemaster. Handled RS-812H-1/2  39.66
3/4" Spindlemaster. Handled RS-812H-3/4  44.24
Micro Spindlemaster. Handled RS-879H  27.16

Robert Sorby Easybeader
Ref: RS-814H

The Easybeader allows traditional beads to be formed whilst also offering the option of producing perfect half beads. Suitable for use with both spindle and bowl work.

The easybeader is a unique yet simple tool to cutting a series of consistent and regular beads. Originally conceived by a production turner it allows for easy replication of designs like bee-hive boxes, and honey dippers. Because of its shape the turner can move quickly from one bead to the next safe in the knowledge that both size and spacing will be the same.

Useful tips :
- when using an easybeader manipulate it like a scraper
- sharpen the easybeader with a diamond hone on the top face

Prices include VAT 

Robert Sorby Easybeader


Robert Sorby Easybeader
1/4" Easybeader. Handled RS-814H-1/4  30.08
3/8" Easybeader. Handled RS-814H-3/8  32.44
1/2" Easybeader. Handled RS-814H-1/2  35.06

Robert Sorby Detail Point Tool
Ref: RS-822H

This is a 3/8" round shaft with a 3 facet point. Ideal for for fine detailing on bowl and spindle work. 

Price: 28.12 (Including VAT at 20%)

Robert Sorby Detail Point Tool


Robert Sorby Thread Cutting Sets
Ref: RS-89HS

The Robert Sorby Thread Cutting Sets comprise a choice of 10, 16 or 20 tpi thread cutter pairs made in high speed steel with a unique helix angle for use in wood, a thread & sizing gauge and an instructional DVD "Focus on Threadcutting"

Optional Relief cutting tool & tool support rest will make the forming of internal threads an easier task.

The DVD will help explain everything!

Prices include VAT 

Robert Sorby Thread Cutting Sets


Robert Sorby Thread Cutting Sets
Robert Sorby Thread Cutting Set - 10tpi - RS-89HS10  115.06
Robert Sorby Thread Cutting Set - 16tpi - RS-89HS16  115.06
Robert Sorby Thread Cutting Set - 20tpi - RS-89HS20  115.06
Relief Cutting Tool - RS-895H  29.11
Tool Support - RS-893H  29.11

Robert Sorby Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool
Ref: RS-200

The Multi Tip Hollowing Tool is Robert Sorby's recommendation for those who wish to take their first steps in hollowing and those working on projects of 6” and under. It is one of the most versatile tools around.
The Multi-tip hollowing tool is ideal for end and side grain work. It will undecut rims and includes a scraper blade for half round, shallow and flat work as well as shear scraping. Beading and coving cutters can also be fitted. Includes instructions for correct use and sharpening.

The Midi-Multi Tip Hollowing Tool is 2/3 the size of the RS2000KT allowing you to access a smaller aperture when hollowing finer forms.

- The ¾ flat surface of the shank is in permanent contact with the tool rest and so minimises the impact of rotational forces. This puts the turner in full control when performing both aggressive or delicate cuts
- It features two hollowing tips which are fitted to a swivelling clamp
- Swivelling clamp allows for straight hollowing and undercutting under a rim
- One tip is rounded to create a flowing shape e.g bowls
- Second tip is pointed for squarer shapes like boxes
- Second end of each HSS tip is left plain for the turner to shape to his specific requirements
- Also includes a scraper blade for finishing
- Scraper has three different working faces making it a round scraper, a half-round scraper and a square scraper all rolled into one
- Scraper can be used on the half-round shank for shear scraping
- All three tips or cutters are HSS and sharpened with a diamond hone
- Spare tips and cutters available
- Additional Cutter set available - 45/60 degree deovetail cutter; 3/8" & 5/8" cove cutter; 3/8" & 5/8" bead cutter (RS237C)
- 1/4" & 1/2" cove & bead cutters also available

Prices include VAT 

Robert Sorby Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool


Robert Sorby Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool
Robert Sorby Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool - RS-200KT  75.38
Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool: Spare Cutter - Scraper RS-200C  16.40
Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool: Spare Cutter - Round RS-211C  13.69
Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool: Spare Cutter - Side & End Cut RS-212C  13.69
Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool - Additional Cutter Set - RS-237C  48.56
Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool: ¼" & ½" Cove Cutter RS-238C  16.36
Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool: ¼" & ½" Bead Cutter RS239C  16.36
Robert Sorby Midi - Multi Tip Hollowing Tool - RS-100KT  61.96

Robert Sorby Hollowmaster
Ref: RS230 / RS130

The Robert Sorby Hollowmaster where the Multi Tip Hollowing Tool finishes. It has many of the same features but enable the turner to work even further round in blind holes. Unlike most conventional hollowing tools, the unique Hollowmaster comes with a meaty ¾" flat surface. When laid on the tool rest, this gives ample support to prevent the tool being turned over by the rotation of the wood. You are not fighting the laws of nature but removing wood with ease.

It's swan neck design means that the Hollowmaster can reach those spots that are often difficult to reach. The Hollowmaster comes with a swivelling hollowing cutter and a full round scraper cutter for fine finishing. Both are easily sharpened with a diamond file and can be replaced when need be. Instructions are included.

- Swan neck design for hollowing through limited access
- All the advantages of the multi-tip hollowing tool but with the swan neck for more acess
- Complete with scaper cutter and round end swivel cutter & full instructions
- Very user friendly

The Midi - Hollowmaster has a 1/2" wide flat shank and is for use when hollowing vessels up to 6" deep.

Prices include VAT 

Robert Sorby Hollowmaster


Robert Sorby Hollowmaster
Robert Sorby Hollowmaster Handled - RS230KT  65.35
Robert Sorby Midi Hollowmaster: Handled - RS130KT  54.37

Robert Sorby Sandmaster
Ref: RS-410

This allows sanding and polishing of your work whilst still on the lathe. Adjustable 2" velcro pad complete with 2 each of 60, 120, 180, 240 & 400 grit sanding discs. 

Price: 48.17 (Including VAT at 20%)

Robert Sorby Sandmaster


Robert Sorby Sandmaster 2" Sanding Discs
Ref: RS-412A

Aluminium Oxide. Supplied in packs of 10

Prices incl VAT 

Robert Sorby Sandmaster 2


Sandmaster 2" Sanding Disc 60 Grit x 10  4.92
Sandmaster 2" Sanding Disc 120 Grit x 10  4.14
Sandmaster 2" Sanding Disc 180 Grit x 10  4.14
Sandmaster 2" Sanding Disc 240 Grit x 10  4.14
Sandmaster 2" Sanding Disc 400 Grit x 10  4.14

Robert Sorby Handled Micro Spindle Set
Ref: RS-88HS

The spindle set consists of 1/2" gouge for roughing down and shaping, a 1/4" skew chisel for finishing and fine details and 5/32" beading and parting tool for detailing work and parting off.

Price incl VAT 

Price: 53.02 (Including VAT at 20%)

Robert Sorby Handled Micro Spindle Set



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