Robert Sorby Sovereign Handle System

The Sovereign Ultima is a new hollowing system from Robert Sorby. It forms part of the Sovereign System but is also a stand-alone tool in its own right. It is designed to enable the woodturner to produce hollow vessels up to 16" (400 mm) in depth.

There are two models: a small version for projects up to 11" (275 mm) and a medium version for up to 16" (400 mm).

For those turners who already have the Sovereign handle both versions are also supplied without handle.

The Sovereign Ultima features:
* Cleverly designed shaving clearance which prevents clogging in normal use
* A high performance cutter system which slices through wood rather than scrapes
* Adjustable cutter depth for heavy or light cuts with fine micro adjustment for extra finesse
* Cutter easy to sharpen with diamond hone
* Replacement cutters readily available
* An articulating link which enables the turner to undercut the rims of projects
* Extendable shaft
* Comfortable, softex Sovereign handle
* Separate finishing head with scraper cutter, a cutter holder for easy sharpening, and an extra link are available as optional extras
* 100% manufactured in the UK

For more information please click here for a pdf download

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