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Robert Sorby Stebcentres

These revolutionary wood lathe drives are an essential addition to every turner's toolkit. The design incorporates a spring loaded point in stainless steel with a set of razor sharp teeth which bite into the work piece. For the novice turner this offers added security. By winding in the tail stock the degree of bite can be varied and the centre point firmly located. In the unfortunate case of a dig-in arising the workpiece simply stops revolving rather than kick back the turning chisel. This allows the beginner to use his skew chisel with a degree of confidence.

The degree of bite which the Stebcentre creates allows for much more demanding than would normally be expected from a conventional drive. There is the added benefit for the production turner of allowing the workpiece to be removed without the need to stop and re-start the lathe. Simply wind back the tail stock and the piece can be withdrawn safely.

Available in ½", 7/8" and 1.1/4" head in 1 and 2 morse taper and 1.1/4" head in 3 morse taper. Take a look at Robert Sorby's short introduction video click here to see video 

Robert Sorby Stebcentres


Robert Sorby 1/2" Stebcentre 1 mt 45.67
Robert Sorby 1/2" Stebcentre 2 mt 45.67
Robert Sorby 7/8" Stebcentre 1 mt 45.66
Robert Sorby 7/8" Stebcentre 2 mt 45.67
Robert Sorby 1¼" Stebcentre 1 mt 53.29
Robert Sorby 1¼" Stebcentre 2 mt 53.29
Robert Sorby 1¼" Stebcentre 3 mt 53.29

Robert Sorby Revolving (Live) Centres

Inspired by Norwegian master turner Petter Herud, Revolving or Live Centres based on the Stebcentre concept have now added a new dimension. Not only do they give increased security, but they have allowed the turner to experiment with off-centre or eccentric turning.

Price incl VAT 

Robert Sorby Revolving (Live) Centres


Robert Sorby 1/2" Revolving (Live) Centre 2 mt 53.29
Robert Sorby 7/8" Revolving (Live) Centre 1 mt 53.29
Robert Sorby 7/8" Revolving (Live) Centre 2 mt 53.29
Robert Sorby 1¼" Revolving (Live) Centre 1 mt 60.90
Robert Sorby 1¼" Revolving (Live) Centre 2 mt 60.90

Robert Sorby Deluxe Revolving Centre System

Hollow Revolving Centre Sets are available in 1 and 2 morse taper. Six different accessories - deluxe revolving centre. ring centre, hollow centre, location pin, 60 degree point, mini 60 degree point, and cup centre. These accessories make this a highly versatile system which will cater for almost every demand. The boxed set also includes a useful ejection tool to remove the various heads.

Price incl VAT 

Robert Sorby Deluxe Revolving Centre System


Robert Sorby Deluxe Hollow Revolving Set 1 mt 78.89
Robert Sorby Deluxe Hollow Revolving Set 2 mt 78.89

Robert Sorby Modular Tool Rest System
Ref: RS-76-TR

Most turners have problems with their lathe tool rest. The majority are either cast or made from low grade and tend to be relatively soft. As a result , when a square tool, like a parting tool, is used it can dig into the rest creating a series of notches. This in turn makes it very difficult to produce a smooth flow along the rest when trying to take an even cut.

The cross bars from the new Modular Tool Rest System are made from hardened steel, greatly reducing this problem and therefore enhancing the ease and enjoyment for the turner. This system has many design features that make it the MUST HAVE in every wood turner's workshop. The system is as easy as 1-2-3.

First choose the Stem that fits your lathe - stems are available in 1/2",5/8",3/4",1",11/8", 25mm and 30mm diameter.

Then select from the Crossbar range the one that suits your requirements. Screw them together and you have a perfect toolrest. It is the interchangability of the system that makes is so simple to use on any lathe. Once you have the stem you can just keep on adding different Crossbars.

The securing flats machined on the Stem ensure a perfect fit when screwed into the toolrest. The Crossbars are available in three straight bar lengths of 4",6" and 9" together with a 9" 'S' bar for internal and a reverse 9" 'S' bar for external bowl turning. Also available is a box scraper platform for easy access and extra stability into the bottom of boxes.

Price incl VAT 

Robert Sorby Modular Tool Rest System


Robert Sorby Stem - state size 1/2", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 25mm, 28mm, 30mm 9.68
Robert Sorby 4" Crossbar 17.39
Robert Sorby 6" Crossbar 20.64
Robert Sorby 9" Crossbar 23.63
Robert Sorby 9" Internal Bowl Crossbar 25.37
Robert Sorby 9" External Bowl Crossbar 25.37
Robert Sorby Box Scraper Platform 10.81


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