Robert Sorby Chattertool - 215

Robert Sorby Chattertool - 215
Robert Sorby Chattertool - 215

Product Reference: RS-215KT

Chattertool patterns add a neat, random decoration on end grain like box lids. These are created by using the Robert Sorby chattertool which comes with two different double-ended chattering tips and a handy scraper cutter. One chattertool tip (RS220) has a straight and a pointed end, the second (RS221) has a convex and a concave half-round end.

Chatter patterns are created by causing the spring steel tips to vibrate against the wood and can be altered by altering these variables:
- the type of wood
- whether working on, below or above centre
- the speed of the lathe
- the amount the tip extends from the chattertool
- the shape of the chattertool tip

This random nature enables the turner to produce some exquisite, yet unique decorations. Such decorations can enhance even the blandest of wood.
The scraper cutter is teardrop shaped and so has three very different shaped working faces to make it a highly versatile addition to the tool kit.

Full instructions included.
Price: 70.32 (Including VAT at 20%)

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