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Grobet Triangular Saw Files
Ref: TF

To choose the right file, size it to the tooth. Ideally, about half of the cutting surface of the file will be in contact with the tooth -- half of the file will be in the gullet and the other half unused. When you rotate the file to get a fresh edge, it will be uniformly sharp. If you use a smaller file, only some of the new surface will be fresh and the rest dull.

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Grobet Triangular Saw Files


Saw File:5in. Double extra slim taper 12-14Ppi TF-5XXST  7.04
Saw File:6in. Double extra-slim taper 11 Ppi TF-6XXST  7.09
Saw File:6in. Extra-slim taper 9-10 Ppi TF-6XST  6.59
Saw File:6in. Slim taper 8 Ppi TF-6ST  5.48


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