Lie-Nielsen Chisels

Lie-Nielsen Chisels are based on the Stanley 750 Bevel Edge Socket Chisels.

Socket chisels are not common these days, perhaps because they are expensive to make. At 9" long, these chisels are particularly comfortable in the hand and have excellent balance. These chisels are consistently rated with the Blue Spruce Toolworks chisel range as the best western chisels available.

There is always heavy demand for these chisels so please enquire as to stock levels. We have a rolling stock order so Classic Hand Tools try to have these chisels in stock at all time. If you are looking for a Christmas present then please enquire 3/4 months in advance!

Spare handles are available at the botom of this page along with a video demonstration on chisel sharpening techniques from Deneb Puchalski.

Sharpening Your Chisels

Latest Lie-Nielsen YouTube video focuses on chisel sharpening. In this 18 minute video, Deneb Puchalski offers an in-depth look at our recommended sharpening techniques for chisels.

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