Henry Taylor Tools

HENRY TAYLOR - SHEFFIELD are a long established manufacturer of fine hand toolsl dating back to 1834, the same year that Charles Darwin landed at The Falkland Islands on HMS Beagle, The French Foreign Legion was formed and on 1st August 1834 the Slave Abolition Act became law as the British abolished slavery in it's empire.

Being based in Yorkshire, England, where many of the finest things originate, there should be no suprise that Henry Taylor Tools are considered amongst the best available worldwide. We, at Classic Hand Tools are fond of their chisels and gouges for general woodworking, with incannel and outcannel gouges both available. The Henry Taylor heavy duty chisels for framing and heavy duty work are great for the price.  The famous ACORN brand adorns our ever expanding offering of Henry Taylor carving tools which should satisfy our buy British customers.

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