Brusso Hardware - brass and stainless steel cabinet hinges & hardware.

Brusso Hardware is the premier manufacturer of American made brass and stainless steel hardware for fine boxes, cabinetry, furniture, and woodworking. It is a long established American company founded by Larry & Faye Brusso.

Classic Hand Tools have been selling the Brusso Hardware range of hinges, hardware, pulls, knobs & catches since 2004. Brusso enjoy a fine reputation amongst cabinet, box and kitchen makers for making the best quality brass and stainless steel hinges and hardware available.

Brusso's hardware is typically purchased by companies and individuals involved in high quality work who simply cannot compromise on quality.

NOTE - All Brusso hinges come in PAIRS. Screws are INCLUDED (brass for the brass hinges and stainless for the stainless steel hinges).

(A single stainless steel screw is also included with the brass hinges. This is used to make a pilot hole for the brass screws to help prevent any damage to the brass screws).

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