Auriou Stonecarving Tools - Traditional Range

I think it is true to say that nearly all stone carving tool manufacturers have long since stopped making these traditional barrel shaped tools. Why is this? Well to create this distinctive shape you must forge the whole of the tool (not just the head as in the standard range) and this requires more skill and time from the blacksmith. Auriou free forge their tools in the old traditional way and are able to forge the whole of the tool by hand. Why bother to do this? Well the business end of the tool is the same as with the standard tools but the barrel shaped body is more comfortable to use over a prolonged period. The Traditional range therefore appeals to the professional stone carvers or to those who enjoy spending quite some time on their hobby.

Auriou also make the same range of tools but with a straight octagonal body. These are referred to as Auriou Standard Stonecarving Tools (see separate section).

Classic Hand Tools are the only stockist of Auriou Stone Carving Tools in the UK.

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